Alligators and Haircuts.

This weekend, we had a lot of fun. Saturday morning we got an early start, and had breakfast at the Local Diner (yum!). After breakfast, we headed out for the Dallas World Aquarium. There were all kinds of animals, both creepy and cute. Here is a picture of one of the baby alligators, hanging out on the surface of the water. EEK!

And here is Scott with Mr. Shark! Hahaha...I love this picture!

After the aquarium, we went home to watch some football/nap. And then, I got my haircut. I don't know what it is about getting a haircut...but there is something VERY refreshing about it. I always leave the salon feeling so much better. She cut off a good 4 inches or so, and it feels SO great now. :)

Saturday night we had dinner in downtown Grapevine with Mary, Kyle, Jacqueline, Travis, and Morgan. We ate at Tolbert's and even got to hear some live Blues music. It was a great time! Here is a picture of my favorite girls and Kyle's awesome head. Jacqueline was being a goof!

Sunday was a lazy day full of church, football, and relaxation. We ate dinner w/ Scott's parents at Spring Creek BBQ that night, which was fun and delicious. And now it's Monday...back to the grind. I hope everyone has a great week!


Doctor Visit

Today we had a follow-up doctor visit with Dr. Behan. This was our last appointment with him. We are changing doctors, and will no longer have to drive the 45 minutes to Presby Dallas on I-635 in the middle of traffic. :) Dr. Behan was nice, but Scott and I both felt like we should transfer to a different doctor. So, we'll be going to Dr. Bailey in Frisco. Now that the tollway is open all the way through Frisco, it will take us about 15-20 minutes to get there. Muuuuch better!

Our appointment today was pretty uneventful. He reviewed my blood test results with me, which were all normal and good. He discussed a few things such as my bleeding, and that these things are sometimes normal for women in pregnancy, and that he was not worried. He mentioned that since we've seen the heartbeat, our chance of miscarriage is now less than 5%. That is great news! Other than that, he gave me a prescription for medicine that "should" help my nausea. I'm crossing my fingers!

The first presidential debate is now on TV, so I must go watch and learn now.


Another scare.

Yesterday, Scott and I made another visit to the emergency room at Presby Dallas. I was having some bleeding and cramping again, and when I called the doctor to let them know, they told me I had to go to the ER. I was not a big fan of that response (still am not a big fan). Anywho, we went...and hours later we got to leave. The baby and I are both healthy. They are still unsure of what is causing the bleeding, but they still see the spot on the sonogram they saw before which could be either a blood clot, or a polyp.

Long story short, mom and baby Echols are doing well. We got to see baby Echols yesterday, and the baby is growing so much! I'm not feeling so hot, but I'm hoping to be back to normal soon. :) We go back to the doctor this Friday for a check-up to make sure all is going well.


A good weekend.

This weekend we had some fun. Friday night was date night, and it was all going well until I started feeling sick at dinner (Salt Grass). We had plans to go to a movie after dinner, but those changed quickly. We just came home and enjoyed our DVR'd shows. It was still a nice time together.

Saturday started off with a shower for Jacqueline. 3 more weeks until her big day!! I'm so excited for her. We're going to have a lot of fun at the wedding. I am looking forward to it.

Saturday night was game night with the family. We all gathered at my sister's house, and ate tacos while watching football. Later in the night the adults played a game while the kids watched a movie. We played a game called "Eat It!" It's basically Trivial Pursuit but with food questions. Scott and I dominated! I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Our favorite category was "COOKIES!" :)

Today we have been pretty lazy. Scott watched a lot of football while I watched re-runs of America's Next Top Model and took a nice nap. We went to church at 4:30, and then ate dinner at Pei Wei. Yum! Now we are watching the Cowboys play some football, and pretty soon it's bedtime!

Nothing too exciting to tell for now. I hope everyone had a nice, safe, and relaxing weekend!



Today was an interesting day. The morning started off weird. A little drama at work made me wonder again "why do I do what I do?" The drama that happened put me in a pretty pissy mood, and I needed to get out of the building. So I went shopping at the grocery store. Have you ever been to a Market Street? Because I declare it my new favorite grocery store! I cannot wait until we get one here in Coppell. It is AWESOME. And even more awesome was the boy I encountered while I was there.

I was having emotional breakdowns while shopping for snacks. (This pregnant woman grazes all day, in order to combat nausea....which requires a variety of snacks.) Anywho, I finished shopping and approached the checkout counter. And there to greet me was the sweetest mentally challenged boy. He INSISTED that he helped me out with my 2 grocery bags that I had planned on carrying out. And I gladly allowed him to do so. He asked me how my day was going about 10 times on the way out to my car, and when I couldn't find my car, assured me that we would find it soon. He was the turning point in my weird day. It's amazing how God places the right people smack dab into your day, to bring you little rays of sunshine.

From then on, my day was pretty good. I didn't feel sick at all the rest of the day! (It's 8:21 and I still don't feel sick yet...thank you Jesus!) I got a lot accomplished in the afternoon for work, and then came home to my husband - which always makes my day 1000 times better. The only complaint I have right now is that I have excruciating pain in my rear end. I believe it's caused from my Sciatic Nerve. When you get preggers, your uterus grows, and it can sometimes push on the sciatic nerve. This causes major pain in your rear, and down your leg. It hurts to walk, even. But it will get better, and it is all worth it, because our precious baby is the end result of these temporary inconveniences.


You Alone

I want to start this post by saying that I have been blessed with the most incredible friends and family I could ever ask for. I have relied on them countless times, and know that I have a solid support system very near to me anytime I need someone to run to.

But there lies the problem. I believe our Lord blesses us with people here on Earth to run to, but I am pretty positive I have abused this privilege. Instead of running to my Savior, I have gotten in the habit of running to the people in my life. This habit must be broken. For the first time in my life, I feel alone. I know there are a million people around me that I can run to, but I am being called to run to my God, who is waiting with open arms. He wants me to come to him with all my hopes and fears, my daily challenges and struggles. I've known this...but I've been running in the wrong direction.

I need to run to Him. I need my God more right now than I've ever realized. Thank you, Jesus, for opening my eyes to this truth. I need you. I need You in order to live, in order to breathe, in order to get up out of bed in the morning. Thank you for always being there, even when I wasn't running to you. My prayer today is that I never forget this simple truth.

"You alone are all I need
For you hold my destiny
You alone are all I need, O Lord
In you alone, I am complete."


Simple gratitude.

Today I am thankful for those things which I normally am not.

1. I am thankful for the sound of snoring at night, for that means that my amazing husband is asleep next to me.
2. I am thankful for my job, for even though I do not like to go there each day, it provides for my family beyond our needs.
3. I am thankful for the constant pain and sickness in my stomach, for it means that one day a beautiful baby will be born into our family.
4. I am thankful for the noisy neighbors next door, for it means that I have a house to come home to, and a roof over my head.
5. I am thankful for the times I fall, for my Sweet Jesus is always there to help me up.


My love

I was once challenged by our youth minister in high school to replace the word 'Love' with my name in the famous 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 verse. When I replaced the word 'Love' with my name, it was extremely convicting to see where I might not be living out the true meaning of love in my life. I never forgot that challenge, and often re-visit it to keep myself in check. As I was reflecting on this today, I decided to substitute my incredible husband's name.

"Scott is patient; Scott is kind; Scott is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. He does not insist on his own way; he is not irritable or resentful; he does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. Scott bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

Each and every one of those words is true. Scott is indeed all of those things. I have an amazing example right beside me each day, and I have a lot to learn from him. There are so many qualities of his that I so wish I possessed. Thank goodness I have many years to watch and learn. :)

I love you, Scott. And I look up to you more than you know. Thank you for teaching me how to be a servant, and how to love so freely and completely.


Lazy Days

We decided to spend the weekend inside, laying around, watching movies, football and being just plain lazy. So far, so great! I have to admit though, I'm starting to feel useless...like I need to "get things done around here."

Yesterday we had a sonogram, and Baby Echols is still doing great! The heartbeat is at 146 beats per minute, which is normal. :) I am still blown away by the whole thought that there is a human life forming and growing inside my body! I just do not feel worthy of such a HUGE honor and blessing. Thank you, Jesus, for entrusting this child to us. I am amazed, and thankful beyond words.

Not too much else going on, I think I'll go work on cleaning the house. I hope everyone stays safe this weekend from Ike! Let the rain inspire some Lazy Days!


Let the nausea begin

At my first doctor visit, the nurse asked if I was feeling nauseous, and I smiled and excitedly replied, "No." She turned to me and said something to the effect of, "maybe not yet...but just wait." Why, oh why did she have to be right?

It started a few days ago, the queasy feelings off and on. And now I'm just in this state of trying to figure out what food sounds good at the time. I had tomato soup for breakfast this morning!! How weird is that? Scott definitely thought so. Hey...I've gotta feed the baby, and whatever sounds good is what's going in my mouth.

This weekend, Jacqueline and Travis brought us a big bag of pregnant goodies. Inside the goodie bag were these awesome Preggie Pop Drops! They help ease the "morning sickness", which is really not a good name for the constant nausea that lingers throughout the day. My sister (who is also pregnant, and w/ twins!) was a big fan of these in the beginning of her pregnancy, but apparently now she is "out" on them. For now, they're working for me. Thank you J & T for the great gifts! Those drops are life savers.


Happy Birthday, Grams!

Yesterday my Grandma Reinhardt turned the big 9-1! WOW! I am amazed at how she continues to pull through anything and everything. What a strong woman. Now I know where my mom gets it from.

My mom has graciously accepted the call to care for my grandma day in and day out, which believe me, is not an easy task. From hourly trips to the bathroom, to feeding her meals, administering her meds, and giving her the amazing love and care that she needs, my mom is a true saint on this Earth. I hope and pray that I grow into the strong and selfless woman that both my grandmother and mother have become. I look up to my mom more than she knows, and I am forever grateful to have such a sweet and loving mother to call my own. I also pray that I am able to be even half the mother to my children as she is for my sister and I. If you're reading this mom, I love you more than I could ever tell you!

This is a family picture from Grams' party last year when she turned 90. 4 generations!


"You haven't even changed your name..."

After the honeymoon, getting back into the work thing was a little rough for both of us. Life is so much better on the beach! I was having a pretty bad week at work, and had several nights of coming home unhappy/stressed/anxious (more on this in a later post). So on Thursday night, August 21st, I was ready to come home and make me a big 'ole drink and just relax. Well...that's not what ended up happening that night. For some reason, due to my emotional state as well as a few other things, I decided I needed to make sure it was "safe" for me to have a drink that night. Without telling Scott, I took a pregnancy test, and to make a long story short - WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! When I told Scott, we were both initially in shock, and he kept saying "You haven't even changed your name yet!" So funny.

This was definitely not in our plan, but thank God His plans are always so much bigger and better! We are so very thankful, blessed, humbled, and excited to bring a new life into this world. I pray that Scott and I remain focused on God's will and not ours, so as not to lose focus in this distracting world. As many of you know, we have decided to use Natural Family Planning (NFP) as our choice for family planning. Not only does this coincide with our Catholic Faith, but we are both personally convicted of using this method. At times it can be very discouraging, and we've already started to question "how?" "why?" "are we ready for this?", but again, His plan is ALWAYS better. I've learned this lesson more than once in life, but I'm positive I still have a few more times to learn it. And I pray that through this awesome journey, our faith is strengthened as we surrender our all to our precious Lord and Savior.


On August 2, 2008, I married my very best friend. Our wedding day was the most fun day I've had, and a memory to last a lifetime. All of that silly pre-wedding stress was SO worth it! The ceremony was beautiful, and we had such a great time with all of our family and friends at the reception. It was a blast! I hope to post some photos when we get them back from our photographer. I can't wait to see them, since it was such a blur and went by so quickly.

We left August 3rd for Maui, for a week of relaxation and fun in the sun. We had an incredible time on our honeymoon! Days of being lazy by the pool, reading good books, eating awesome meals, and enjoying fruity beverages. Our evenings were filled with romantic dinners, a luau, magic show, and other fun filled times. The last day we were there, we went on a Jungle Tour with a private guide, and got to explore hidden waterfalls. This was definitely the most memorable experience I've had on the island! It was extremely scary for me (as I'm deathly afraid of heights), but it was so much fun. We swam under waterfalls, hiked through bamboo forests, and had a great time with our tour guide. And then we had to come back home the next day... :( Let's just say that week back to work was a little depressing, but still so very exciting to come home to my husband after work! Scott and I have adjusted well to married life and living together, and we are loving it (yes...even though he snores at night, I still like having him by my side...hehe).

New Blogger!

So the blogging world just found a new sucker! I decided this would be a great way to keep family and friends up to date with the life events of the Echols Family. :) It still sounds so weird to me to say that, because The Echols Family has always been Scott's parents, and sisters...but now we have our own little Echols Family!

God has truly blessed us ABUNDANTLY over the last few years, and especially the last few weeks/months. It has been quite an overwhelming experience, one that we are extremely grateful for, but nonetheless quite a crazy ride. When I was talking with Scott tonight about starting a blog, he suggested the title "Life in Fast Forward", and I think for now it fits perfectly. I hope you all enjoy!