I went to the specialist today, and they were able to take the baby's measurements. All looks good! The baby is measuring in at 4 ounces, and is a little over 3 inches in length. All the body parts are there, and working properly. And there was this one small detail....


Bet ya didn't see that coming!! I didn't either! But we are so excited, and so happy!!


75% Chance

Scott and I went to our new doctor yesterday, and we LOVE HER!!! She is so sweet, very soft spoken, and takes plenty of time with you to answer all of your questions. It was a great visit. We even got to have a real quick sonogram (even though it wasn't technically part of that visit). Baby Echols is a gymnast!! Our baby was moving around like crazy! Tucking its knees into its chest, doing back bends, moving arms and legs around like crazy. It was so awesome to see. And drumroll please......there is a 75 % chance it is a girl. Dr. Bailey said she saw some parts that looked pretty girly, but wasn't 100% sure yet.

So I'm thinking we're having a girl. Especially after everyone else has been thinking it is a girl. Scott's mom called it from day 1. And the other day, my mom and sister also said they thought it was a girl. How do you people know these things? :)

I go back on Thursday for a possible Sequential Screening. This is a routine test done to see if the baby has any developmental disorders. It consists of 2 blood tests and a sonogram. Thursday is the possible sonogram. They aren't sure if I'm too far along yet, so it's iffy on whether or not they can do it.

The only last update I have is that my thyroid levels were off. Dr. Bailey is upping my dosage so I will be normal again.

And last, but not least, today is my sister's 30th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEESTER!!!!!! I love you OH so much!


Feeling icky

I turned 13 weeks on Wednesday, which means this is the last week of my 1st trimester. WOO HOO!! Not that I'm wishing this pregnancy to go by quickly, but I am definitely ready to feel better. I'm slowly getting there.

Today I had to go home from work at lunch time, because I was feeling terrible. I got my first flu shot yesterday, so I'm wondering if I am just a little icky feeling from that. I've heard of some people who get that reaction a day or so after the shot. Or maybe it's just coincidence. Either way, I don't feel well. Scott and I are headed to Oklahoma tomorrow night for Shelley's bridal shower. The boys (Clay and Scott) are playing golf Saturday while we are having the shower. I hope I feel better!! I think I'm going to take time bank tomorrow and rest up, just to make sure.

It's almost time for me to get in bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Prayers Please

This is a picture of my amazingly beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving (I could go on and on) sister, and her best friend Jamie Seedig. Angie is on the left. Jamie has also been like a big sister to me growing up, and I just love her to death. Here is the super exciting part - they are pregnant at the same time! Angie is pregnant with twin boys, and Jamie is pregnant with her second baby girl. How fun for them to go through this at the same time! (I have also enjoyed the benefits of this.)

Here is the not so exciting part, and where I'm asking for prayers. Angie went to see her OB specialist yesterday, and they found 2 cysts on Parker's brain. (Her boys are Parker and Preston). The doctor said he wasn't too worried right now. This is normal in some pregnancies, and within a few weeks, the cysts disappear on their own. I've also done a little research on BabyCenter.Com, and read several articles that said the same thing. In any case, lots of prayers would be appreciated. I promise to post updates as I hear them.


Fun Fact

I get weekly e-mail updates from babycenter.com on how the baby is changing, and what changes I should expect in my body as well. Today, I got the 13 weeks e-mail...and listen to what it said. If the baby is a girl, she already has 2 million eggs in her ovaries! Say what?! That's incredible. I am continually blown away at how a human life progresses within the womb. How amazing. The baby is just now 3 inches long, weighing only 1 ounce...and if it's a girl - she already has 2 million eggs!!

Now, if I only knew if it was a boy or a girl... We'll know soon enough. :)


Busy Bees!

Scott and I have been pretty busy lately, and just realized the other day that this will continue until next year (and when May comes, it will only get busier)! From now until the end of 2008, we have events/plans every single weekend except for this coming one. Which means, this weekend we will be spending some quality time with one another, and plenty of it RESTING. :)

This past Friday and Saturday we got to celebrate with Jacqueline and Travis on their wedding weekend! It was so much fun. They had an awesome rehearsal dinner at Maggianos on Friday night, and a beautiful ceremony and reception on Saturday night. It was so much fun to watch them over the weekend, and witness their union as husband and wife. We had a blast at their reception, and I was wiped out all day Sunday. 2 am is not a time that I need to see these days. When that happens, I am completely worthless the entire next day. I literally could not move from being so exhausted, and Scott started to get worried.

I'm feeling pretty good lately, just really tired as usual. And the nausea seems to be lingering around, and getting worse at night now. Tonight, I wasn't even able to finish half of my dinner. That's not normal for me these days. Food is usually a good thing, but for some reason tonight, I couldn't get it down. I am 12 weeks along as of today, so I'm hoping things get a little better in this next tri-mester. I can't wait for October 27th when I get to meet my new doctor, and have another sonogram. I want to see our precious baby again, and possibly even find out the sex! It's a little early, but might be possible. That would be AWESOME!

I'm off to do some work, and then to bed. Night night everyone.


Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was so much fun! Rebecca and Clay came into town, and we had such a great time with them all weekend. Scott's birthday party was a lot of fun, even though I had to leave early due to not feeling well. Thank you to all of our friends and family that made Scott's birthday one of the best he's ever had! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Clay & Rebecca...what a beautiful couple!

Happy 26th Birthday, Scotty!!



This weekend, Scott and I are having our first guests stay with us. And we are SO excited! This means we actually get to use the guest room before it is turned into a nursery for Baby Echols.

Clay & Rebecca are coming in town from good 'ole Oklahoma. We're going to spend some time catching up, eating some good food, and celebrating Scott's birthday on Saturday night with some other friends. I hope to have some great pictures to post after this weekend. Stay tuned. :)


Happy Birthday, My Love!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. The big 26! In a few moments I get to head home to see him, and spoil him tonight on his special day. I'm very excited about it, too. We are going to dinner at Pappa's Brothers Steakhouse. Fancy Schmancy. Scott loves him a good steak, so I am excited to take him there.

What I would like to say to Scott on his 26th birthday:

You are an incredible man, and a huge blessing in my life. You bring more smiles to my face, and more joy to my life than I knew existed. I am fortunate to spend my life with my very best friend, and I cherish every single moment we have together. You make me want to be a better person, Scott. You open my eyes, and show me what really matters in life. I have already noticed a change in myself since we've gotten married...a change for the better. You have helped me to slow down and soak life in. To relax. To laugh. To live. And to love. Thank you for every single day that we have together, and every single precious moment. I love you more than words, and I thank my God everyday for you. Happy Birthday, Love. I hope it's one of the best years to come!