Prayers for Preston and Parker

I am asking for prayers for my sweet nephews Preston and Parker. They are still safe and sound in Angie's womb, but she is having some pre-term labor symptoms. The doctor had her go to the hospital last night to get a closer look. They gave her a steroid shot to help speed up the process of Preston & Parker's lung development, and monitored her contractions. She will go back again tonight for another shot and more monitoring. I know I will forget all of the details she gave me this morning, but basically...we need prayers! The boys are not quite ready to come into this world, so please pray for their health and safety, and Angie's as well. The nurse said they hope to keep the boys in for a few more weeks, if at all possible.

Angie is on complete bed rest. She is only allowed to get up to use the restroom. She has to be fed all her meals in bed. I know this has to be frustrating to her, because she is the busiest, most active person I know. Prayers for her to relax, and to calm her anxieties/fears would also be most appreciated!

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors out there! We are very grateful!


A few pics from Oklahoma

Rebecca, Me (Jackson in tummy), and Jessica - at the country club for Shelley's Bridesmaid Luncheon

Rebecca and I in front of her Christmas Tree


Wii Fit

Ohh boy! This morning, Scott headed out to Game Stop to purchase a Wii Fit. He's been wanting one for quite some time, and after he played it with Rodney yesterday...I think it sealed the deal for both of us.


It is definitely my new favorite toy at our house. There are several exercises included - Yoga (my favorite), Strength Training, and Aerobics. There are also a few balance games that are a lot of fun, too. The part about the Wii Fit that is really cool, is that it tracks your weight, BMI, and allows you to set goals for yourself. Since I'm pregnant, I decided to set a goal for myself to gain 2 lbs. every 2 weeks. The books I've read say it's good to gain about a lb. a week after your first trimester, so that's my goal. I think my Wii Fit trainer is a little confused as to why I set a goal to GAIN 2 lbs., but oh well. There's not an option on this thing to tell it that you're pregnant...so I have to find some way to make it okay that my weight and BMI will keep going up! Haha. I'm super excited about what it's going to say after I deliver, and lose weight. I think my trainer might just say "Wow, Jenny! Your'e doing a great job." Instead of, "Your BMI shows that you are slightly overweight". Haha, too funny. Technology is soo cool.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Scott and I had a wonderful Christmas Eve/Christmas Day with our families. We started off by attending our church's Christmas Eve Children's Mass, which was wonderful!! All of the kiddos did the readings, songs, and even acted out the Nativity Story as the gospel reading. It was so precious!

After church, we headed over to my parents' house to open presents with my family. Shortly after we were off to The Echols' house to celebrate Christmas Eve traditions. We ate delicious food, sang Christmas carols, and watched White Christmas. Then we headed off to bed to anxiously await Santa's arrival, and the Christmas morning traditions. We opened tons of presents, and ate a delcious breakfast. :) Scott, Jackson, and I were given several wonderful gifts this year. Thank you SO much to everyone!! We love all of our gifts, and are so thankful for them!!

After breakfast, we all watched Christmas Vacation. As soon as the movie was over, Scott and I had to leave. We came home, showered, and made a few dishes to take over to my sister's for Christmas Dinner. We arrived at Rodgie's around 2:00, and spent the afternoon hanging out with them and playing their Wii. About 5:00 we ate a yummy dinner with the whole family, and played an exciting game of Catch Phrase to wrap up the day o' fun. Whew...by this time I was exhausted! Scott and I came home, made a pallet on the living room floor, and watched Iron Man (one of Scott's Christmas presents). Then off to bed for a nice, long, sleep.

What a wonderful Christmas, we had!! Thank you to all of our family for such a wonderful time. We love you VERY much!!! '
And thanks be to God for the wonderful gift of His Son! Happy Birthday, Jesus!!


Quick Update

Things are BUSY lately, so I haven't had much time to post. I'm actually really busy at work right now (which is why I should NOT be updating this blog, and should be focused on writing test cases instead). I'm one of the few TI employees working during the last few weeks of December. Most people around here do not have a whole lot to do, so it is pretty hard to stay focused, and avoid the temptation to chit-chat in the halls. I have a hard deadline that I must meet, so I better get back to work soon.

What's new with The Echols?

Let's see: We had another check-up yesterday with Dr. Bailey. We heard Jackson's heartbeat, and she measured my stomach. Everything looks great! I also had to ask the question about my weight gain, to make sure I was on track, and not gaining too much weight. She assured me that everything was fine, and it wasn't about "getting fat", but that I was making a safe home for another human life in my body. Even though Scott tells me over and over again how beautiful I am, and how I look great, I really needed to hear it from the doctor to stop worrying. Scott is such a sweet husband, and does everything in his power to calm me and make sure I'm doing alright. I am so blessed!

Last weekend, we traveled to Oklahoma to stay with our friends Clay & Rebecca. It was my college roommate's wedding weekend, and Rebecca and I were both bridesmaids. We had SO MUCH FUN!! Rebecca even got to feel Jackson kick, while we were waiting to walk down the aisle. So sweet of him to kick on command for her. :) He is not usually one for kicking when others are expecting it.

Another SUPER EXCITING thing that's happened, is that Katherine, Jason, and Luke are in town!!! YAY!!! For those of you who are unaware, Katherine is Scott's oldest sister, and her family lives in Egypt. We get to see them twice a year: during the summer and Christmas break. We always look forward to the time we are able to spend with them while they are home.

I cannot believe Christmas is just 2 days away! Scott and I did our Christmas shopping last night, with all of the last minute shoppers at the mall. It was insanely busy! I have to work 1/2 day tomorrow morning, and then the Christmas festivities begin. I am so excited!

I better get back to work. Until next time, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


I'm Growing!

I do not have much to update on the baby, but I can tell you that I am definitely growing. I keep getting requests for pictures, and I keep forgetting to have Scott take them of me. But here's a little story that will show you how much I've grown in the last few weeks.

My college roommate, Shelley, is getting married on Saturday, and I am honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. When she asked me to be in her wedding, Scott and I were still on our honeymoon in Hawaii. She asked me to call in my dress size to the bridal salon when I returned. Well, as you can guess, the dress that I now get to fit into is the dress I ordered when I was not pregnant. :) When I tried this dress on 2 1/2 weeks ago, it fit perfectly. Last week, when I took it to the alterations lady in Coppell (who I will never again take anything to), it no longer fit. Long story short, the alterations place in Coppell had my dress for a week before calling to tell me that could not fix it. I was in a panic to find someone this Monday who could fix it in a few days. Luckily I found a tailor in Plano, and will be picking up the dress tomorrow after work. The lady who works there was SO nice, explained to me that they do this all of the time for pregnant women, and it will be very easy for them to let it out, or even add fabric if they need to. WHEW! Problem solved, but that was a close one.

The point of that story (which ended up being sort of long anyway), is that I am now big enough where people can tell that I'm pregnant. And I have to say, I LOVE IT! No more questioning whether Jenny has just gained a few pounds. It's obvious that Jackson is comfy and cozy in my big belly. :) And another nice thing about this, is that people love to smile at pregnant women. When I go out in public now, people just look at my belly and smile. It is so sweet, and I love it!

Baby Shower #2

This past Saturday, Rodney's sister and I hosted a baby shower/brunch for Angie & the PP Boys (Preston and Parker). My mom, although not officially a hostess, was the BIGGEST help ever. She helped decorate, and made a lot of the food/desserts for the shower. Thank you, Mom, for all of your help!!

I had a lot of fun doing this with Jenn. We are both very laid back about most things, so I REALLY enjoyed planning with her. It was SO easy, SO much fun, and it turned out beautiful! Here are a few pictures from the day.

This was the cake table. I made a diaper cake, and my mom made a German Chocolate Cake, and some vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. The whole theme was safari/animals, hence the tiger and leopard prints.

We decorated the gift table w/ a miniature Christmas tree. It had a giraffe head on it, and some little monkeys stuck here and there. We also tied some animal print ribbons on the tree.

This is a picture of Jenn and I with the CUTEST pregnant girl ever! We decorated the food table with various safari looking items.

There were several other pictures, but I'll end with this one because it's just too sweet! This is my 91 year old grandmother with Angie. Grams keeps saying that she "can't wait to get her hands on those little babies!" We are so thankful to still have her with us. She is just as precious as can be!!


Seester's Baby Shower

Last Saturday, Angie had her first baby shower. It was a lot of fun, and she got a million presents for the little ones! She looked super cute in her little black dress and boots. You can't even tell she's pregnant from behind...only when you see her from the front. She has a baby bump about the size of a basketball, but that's about it! Sooo cute!

Here is Angie w/ her new twin stroller.

Today, Scott and I had another sonogram at Dr. Bailey's office. The baby is still doing great! Jackson now ways 11 ounces, and is measuring a few days ahead of schedule. We got a few cute pictures, that I will hopefully one day scan and load to the blog. And I need to post some pictures of my growing belly, too.

Tonight, Scott and I went with Angie & Rodney to an open house of Baylor Frisco, where we will be delivering. OH MY GOODNESS, it is incredible!! The hospital is very nice!! The rooms are spaceous and cozy, and the staff there is extremely friendly. The nurse to patient ratio in the labor and delivery area is 1:1. After you get to your post-partum room, they have this online system that will allow us to chat via the internet with our friends and family, if we choose. A webcam in our room will allow whoever we are chatting with to see us and little Jackson. (Kath, I am thinking this will be PERFECT for communicating with you guys!!) We also learned all about the childbirth, breast feeding, and other classes offered at the hospital - FOR FREE!!! In a few more months, we will be signing up for some of those. :)

And as a parting comment, I turn 20 weeks on Friday. That's 1/2 way through!! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. In 20 more weeks, we will be meeting our sweet Jackson Scott Echols. I am SO excited!


Sequential Screening - Part 2

Today we went to Dr. Trimmers (the specialist) for part 2 of our sequential screening. The blood test from last visit came back negative for all tests (cystic fibrosis, mental retardation, and a few others i can't remember). I had my blood drawn again for the 2nd part. I'm not sure what they are checking for this time, other than to make sure my thyroid levels are okay.

We got to see little Jackson moving around! He is weighing in at 10 ounces, and measuring about 7 inches long. We are still projected for a May 1st due date. I need to scan some of the sonogram pics and add them. Today he was very stubborn, and would not cooperate with the sonographer. He was in a weird position...it looked like he was doing a headstand. But he seemed to be very content staying where he was, because he was NOT about to move from that position...no matter how much we wiggled him or pushed him around. Too funny. He was moving his little hands and feet around like crazy, though. He is such an active baby! I feel him moving all throughout the day.

I go back to our regular doctor in 1 more week, for yet another sonogram! We're going to have lots of pictures of this baby. :)