Good News

This is going to be a really quick update, since it's almost time for me to head home for the day. Drum roll please....

I do NOT have gestational diabetes. Praise God!

This means, our little Jackson is just a healthy, growing, BIG baby boy!


Dr. Trimmer

Yesterday, we went to see Dr. Trimmer (our specialist). He is tracking our baby's growth since I have a thyroid condition, which can effect the size of the baby, among other things. We got to see Jackson again, which was so nice...it seems like forever ago since we had a sono. To sum up the visit in a few short words:


He's weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs 9 oz. already, AND he is 14 inches long! According to how fast he's growing, his projected due date now is April 19th. The doctor said he could have gone through a growth spurt recently or I could have gestational diabetes (which normally makes the baby bigger). I need to call my regular doctor today, to see if the diabetes test results are back in yet.

He was a bit surprised at how big Jackson was, because the last time he saw us, our baby was right on track for a May 1st due date. AND with a thyroid condition, babies tend to be a little smaller than usual. I must be regulating my thyroid pretty well, because this is not the case.

I go back to Dr. Trimmer in 6 weeks to monitor Jackson's growth rate/size. I plan on calling Dr. Bailey's office today to find out about the gestational diabetes test. I will post if there is anything to update.


Another great weekend

Friday night, when I got home from work, Scott and I headed to our local Mexican restaurant, Anamias, for some delicious food. We came home, watched a few shows we'd been saving on our DVR, then went to bed.

Saturday morning, we woke up and headed out for some delicious breakfast at the Local Diner. YUMMMM-O! After we got home, we had a nice/relaxing day of DVR catch-up. We mostly watched the 5 episodes of 24 that we needed to catch up on. What a good show! After all of the TV watching, we went to my parents' house for dinner & some Wii play with Rodney, Angie, and my parents. A good time was had by all.

Today, Scott and I slept in. My back/side was hurting really bad, so I had to get out of bed a little earlier than Scott. I went into the living room and watched the Miss American pageant that I had recorded (I'm a sucker for this pageant every year). Miss Indiana won, and she is so precious! I am so excited for her. There was a show on TLC for the past month, called Miss America: Countdown to the Crown. They had each of the contestants compete in different areas, and Miss Indiana was my favorite from the beginning. She is GORGEOUS, and such a sweet girl! And now that you've read more than you ever care to know about the Miss America pageant, I'll continue with our day...haha.
For lunch, Scott and I went up to Market Street. We just got one in Coppell, and I love it!! After we ordered our lunch, we were in line to pay, and look who strolled in the doors: Angie & Rodney!! Angie informed me that this was her "treat" for the day. Even though she is on bed rest, she allowed herself to get out for a little lunch date. I caught her!! Hehe. She was good though...she even put her feet up on a chair while she ate.
When Scott and I finished eating lunch w/ Angie & Rodney, we began our grocery shopping for the week. Again, I love Market Street!! This grocery store is quickly becoming my favorite. The produce is awesome, the meat counter is fabulous, and pretty much every other part of the store is incredible as well. Highlight of the shopping trip: They had my favorite ice cream in stock!!! Last week, I had a craving for some Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream. It's VERY rare to find. It's a mixture of vanilla & banana ice cream, with pieces of Nilla Wafers in it. YUMMM! I looked at 3 different stores last week, and nada. But Market Street came through today!! And the bowl I had after dinner was de-licious!
After grocery shopping, we came home for some Wii Fit time, and then went to 4:30 mass. Fr. Alfonse said mass tonight, and he is incredible! He often presides at the Life Teen Mass, which is why it is usually my favorite one to attend. He's funny, he's incredibly smart, and he is very gifted at teaching the Word of God.
After church...dinner time: I made a new recipe tonight. We had Braised Chicken & Mushrooms w/ Polenta. Next time I'll skip the polenta, and make a different veggie. Polenta is apparently not my favorite. But, the Chicken & Mushrooms....as my nephew Luke would say "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!"

Now that it's bedtime, I will say goodnight. I hope everyone has an incredible week, full of many blessings!


Dr. Visit Today

Today we had our 25 week + a few days appt. I drank the Fruit Punch glucose drink, and had my blood tested for gestational diabetes. They are also going to check my thyroid levels to make sure I'm on track there as well. After my blood was taken, we saw the physician's assistant. Dr. Bailey had a few patients ahead of me, and I could either wait, or see the PA. She is a really sweet lady, so we went ahead and saw her. She listened to Jackson's heartbeat, and then measured my stomach with the tape measure. Umm...apparently my stomach is measuring 28 weeks instead of 25. I asked her if this was okay, and she said yes...either he was in a weird position that was stretching my stomach...or I guess he could just be a big boy! We'll find out more accurate information next week when we go to the specialist. Thyroid Disease can effect the size of babies during pregnancy, so they want to check to make sure Jackson is okay in there.

If I don't hear back from the doctor in a few days, then I'm diabetes-free. Otherwise, they will give me a call. I'll post updates if I hear anything...otherwise all is good! :)


Fun Weekend!

Scott and I had a fun-filled weekend!

Friday Night:
We started the weekend off with dinner at Mary's house in Richardson. Mary cooked Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, a delicious salad, and a yummmmmy chocolate cake. We enjoyed the food and conversation with Mary & Kyle, and afterward played around on the Wii. We played Guitar Hero (Scott and I's first time), and it was a blast! Mary also gave me one of her famous back rubs, which nearly put me to sleep. Soon after, we headed home to bed.

Scott and I slept in on Saturday morning, which was sooo nice! When we finally got up and ready, we went to lunch and then to a movie. A nice afternoon date. :) We saw Slumdog Millionaire. To our surprise, when we got into the movie theatre, we saw Mary & her mom! How fun! We sat next to them and enjoyed the film. It was a pretty good movie. A lot of people said that it was in their list of top 10 movies, but I don't know if makes mine. It was very good though, and I would recommend going to see it, if you get the chance.

We came home after the movie, played a little Wii Fit, and then headed out again to run some errands. After we ran some errands, we met up with Jacqueline and Travis for dinner in Addison. We ate some delicious Pizza at Picasso's, and then headed over to their house to meet their new puppies! They have 2 black lab puppies: Bella and Brody. THEY ARE SO SWEET!! And I have to say, they are the most well-behaved puppies I have ever met in my life. It's almost unreal how good they are. I had such a fun time playing with them, and cuddling. They are major cuddlers, and are soooo soft.

This morning we slept in again (heehee), and then got up/got ready for noon mass. Church was wonderful. At the end of mass, all of the pregnant women were blessed, which was really neat. After church, Scott and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. We watched the first part of the Cardinals/Eagles game, and ate some wings. YUM! After lunch, Scott came back home to watch some more football, and I went grocery shopping for the week. I resolved to cook this week instead of us eating out most nights. Tonight's menu: Beef Enchiladas. I'd never made enchiladas before, but I decided you couldn't go wrong with a Betty Crocker recipe. And Betty came through again! We invited Scott's parents over to enjoy dinner with us, and had a great time catching up and visiting with them. And now, it is bedtime. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Nighty Night!


Bedtime Bible Stories

Scott was given a precious gift from his parents at Christmas: the Children's Bible his family used when he was growing up. Scott asked to borrow it so he could read stories to Jackson at night. Jackson LOVES it! Last night, Scott read the creation story, and Jackson was kicking and moving around like crazy (especially at the mention of the whales and the sea - hmm...Marine Biologist in the making? haha). He absolutely loves the sound of his daddy's voice. I think it is the most precious thing in the world. I love listening to Scott talk to his son. He has the most gentle and sweet voice ever...it almost makes me tear up just thinking about it.

My love, you are going to be the greatest father! I just know it. You are so loving and caring, and watching you get excited for Jackson's arrival is the most heartwarming feeling ever. Thank you so much for working so hard on his nursery. The furniture looks great, and I know he will love his new home. We are so grateful for you in our lives.


Nursery Progress

Scott and I were VERY productive this weekend! We disassembled the remnants of our guest room/office, and put all the furniture up in the attic for safe keeping. I helped Scott put together the crib, and he put together the changing table by himself. We bought our bedding, and began decorating Jackson's nursery. We decided not to re-paint the room, because we only plan on being in this house for a year or two longer. There is still MUCH decorating to be done, but here are some shots of our work-in-progress.

Side view of our crib. This crib was given to us by a co-worker of mine. Scott and his dad re-painted the crib, and it turned out such a pretty white!

Front view of our crib/bedding

Changing table



San Antonio

Scott and I took a quick trip down to San Antonio over the New Year Holiday. We left Dallas Wednesday afternoon (New Year's Eve), and returned on January 4th. We had a lot of fun relaxing, and spending time with one another. We walked up and down the River Walk quite a bit, watched a few movies, ate some great food, and even went to the San Antonio Zoo. (I tried to upload some pictures, but Blogger is having some trouble right now. I'll try to get them up later.)

Overall, we had a nice and relaxing last vacation before our son arrives in a few months!


23 Weeks!

Here is a picture of me in our San Antonio hotel room at 23 weeks! (I will post about our trip soon). Our baby boy is growing fast, along with my tummy. Our next doctor appointment is in 2 weeks, on January 19th. At this appointment they will test me for gestational diabetes. This means I have to drink a whole bottle of sugary fruit punch stuff, and then get my blood taken to see if I have acquired diabetes during pregnancy. This is a routine test they do right around 26 weeks.

As far as I can tell, Jackson is doing well. I'm feeling great for the most part. The evenings are a little iffy at times w/ nausea, but not too often. January is going to be a busy month! I need to register, get the nursery together, and start organizing and preparing the way for our little one to arrive in 4 months! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. Oh...and I will likely have 2 nephews arriving sometime this month, as well. So much excitement all around. :) Happy New Year, everyone!!