Back on Track

We had an appointment with Dr. Bailey today, and I am happy to report that my stomach is now measuring a normal size!! Although the pictures are deceiving, and it may appear that there are 2 babies in there, or that I'm due any day now...I am almost 31 weeks (and finally measuring the same!), with a single baby boy inside. Dr. Bailey said that Jackson is probably still on the big size, but we won't know really until the last few weeks of the pregnancy on whether or not I'll need an induction. So, April 21st is no longer a set date. We're just going to ride it out and see how my body progresses naturally. We have an appointment next week with the specialist to do another sono, and take a closer peak. His heartbeat sounded great, and he is in head-down position, which is good news. Hopefully he'll hang out that way and not try any acrobatic flips (although it feels like that's what he's doing all of the time!)

Last Night

Last night we had our final Childbirth Preparation Class @ Baylor Frisco Medical Center, the hospital we are delivering at. It was great, but a loooong class. Scott and I were about to fall asleep toward the end. I really liked our instructor. She is a cute, spunky nurse who has 3 children of her own, all in the 18 - 24 range. We get to see her again in about a month when we take our Breastfeeding Class. :) I'm excited about that.

So...one other exciting thing happened last night. But first, let me preface with the fact that I am slightly ashamed to admit that I watch The Bachelor. For some reason, I watch every season, and each time I wonder why I am doing it. Anywho, the fact is that I watch it, and there are 2 girls left: Molly and Melissa. Melissa is from Dallas, and Scott and I think she looks VERY familiar to us. I'm not sure how we would know her, but she does look very familiar. She was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, so I guess it could be from the games we use to go to...but somehow I feel like I've met her before. Anywho, back on track: she was at the hospital last night, and I nearly brushed shoulders with her. Haha...I know, I know - big deal, right? But it was pretty exciting! She was there to visit a friend who had just delivered a baby. We saw her downstairs in the lobby before class started. On our first break, our instructor and a few of us snuck upstairs to the Women's Center to see if she was up there. And that's when she walked right next to me. :) It's kinda funny how everyone was like "that's the girl from the bachelor!" Yeah...and I was one of those silly girls that was all excited about it.



More pictures of the PP Boys!

Is this not the cutest baby you've ever seen?!?! This is Preston in his Valentine's Day outfit. :)

Preston (left) and Parker (right). I love how Parker is reaching out for him, like "Hey brother...give me a high five!"

Parker (left) and Preston (right) cuddling together.

My dad visiting Preston in the NICU. Precious!

Me, Preston or Parker (can't remember which one I had), Jamie, and our baby bellies w/ Jackson and Presley inside


Which Wich?

I don't know how many of you have eaten at Which Wich, but it is DELICIOUS!!! After I ate lunch there today, I thought it was blog-worthy, and that I'd spread the news about this amazing sandwich place. Check out their menu & locations online at http://www.whichwich.com/

The concept of Which Wich is the following:
1. Pick a paper bag of your favorite sandwich choice (Turkey)
2. Using one of their pretty red sharpies, check off the ingredients you'd like added to your sandwich (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and ranch of course!)
3. Write your name at the bottom of the paper bag
4. Take your sandwich bag, and any chips you'd like to the checkout counter to pay for your meal.
5. Your name will be called shortly, and you'll be able to enjoy a heavenly sub sandwich!!! All of the sandwiches are toasted, and the flavor is wonderful. If you haven't been...I highly encourage you to try it out. :)

(Can you tell that I'm pregnant, and REALLY enjoy food these days??)


Scotty's New Ride

Ol' Betsy Blue (Scott's old F150) has been retired. She's not too far though, because Scott's dad bought it from us to keep around as a handy moving vehicle. So if Scott's lucky, he might be able to drive her every once in awhile. I know he misses her...but not too much.

Check out Scott's new ride! It's a 2008 GMC Envoy Denali. I'm a big fan, and if I'm on my best behavior, I might be able to drive it every once in awhile. :) Scott's been looking for some time now, and when we heard about the deal on this SUV, it was too good to pass up.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Today has been a wonderful day! I spent the day at my sister's, helping take care of my sweet nephews (our precious new valentines). I got home around 5:00, and have been spending time with my INCREDIBLE husband ever since. When I got home, there was a beautiful vase of roses on the table, with a really wonderful card to go with it. AND, Scott cooked my very favorite meal that he makes: his own version of Alice Springs Chicken from Outback Steakhouse. (I think Scott's is even better than Outback's!) It was delicious! And now, he's busy making chocolate sauce to go with dessert. Oh he's spoiling me today!
Here is a picture of the dinner table setting:

And this is just a picture of some cookies that I made the other day, to get in the Valentine's Day mood. I used Cindi's tea cake recipe....YUM-O!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYONE!! I hope you had a wonderful day!


Welcome Home, Preston!

Preston was released from the NICU yesterday, and is at home now! :) He is doing great! Here are a few pictures of my precious nephews!!

Preston David Alles

Parker Neal Alles

Brothers, together for the first time...sooo precious! Preston on the left, and Parker on the right.

April Baby!

We went to the doctor yesterday, and everything looks good. My cervical length is still measuring a little over 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so we discussed induction during our visit yesterday. Since Jackson is growing so big and so fast, it is probably best to be induced a few weeks early (if he hasn't already arrived by then). Our choices for dates are April 21st or April 28th. Scott and I will think about it, and probably schedule it during our next doctor appointment in 2 weeks. I cannot believe how fast this is going!! In just a few short months, we will get to meet our sweet Jackson!! :)



Angie, Rodney & Parker: They got released from the hospital on Saturday night, and are now at home. Angie/Rodney are driving back and forth from home to the hospital to feed Preston and spend some time with him. Rodney's mom and sister are in town until tonight, and have been helping with Parker when they go to the hospital. My poor sister has only slept 2 hours in the last few days. I know this is to be expected, but things are just so hectic right now, I feel so bad for them!

Preston: He is still in the NICU, but as far as I know, he should be coming home tomorrow (Tuesday). He hasn't had any new breathing episodes as far as I know, and has been eating well and keeping his temperature up. Praise God!

My Mom & Dad: My mom and dad have been sick with colds for awhile now. Mom had it first, for a few weeks, and then passed it onto my dad. Well, my mom sometimes thinks she is Superwoman (and she is), but this often makes her forget to take care of herself first. So all weekend, she was taking care of my dad, cleaning her house, and up at the hospital to visit with Angie, Rodney and see the babies. Instead, she should have been resting. Sunday she got run down and bottomed out. She was severely dehydrated and couldn't keep anything down. My dad (still very sick) took her to the ER, and they spent several hours there getting her re-hydrated. Fortunately she is okay now, and is at home (hopefully resting and recovering).

I have an appointment with Dr. Bailey this afternoon, and then plan on heading over to my sister's to help with Parker while her and Rodney go to the hospital to feed/spend time with Preston. The schedules are all hectic, but we are going to figure it all out! :) My sister is an INCREDIBLE mother, and is so good with her babies! I'm so happy that Preston gets to come home soon and be near his brother. Continued prayers for the family would be MUCH appreciated. Especially that my mom recovers nicely, and gets back to health. I know she is really wanting to help out with the babies, but she can't be around them until she is 100% better. Rest up, momma! I love you!


Prayers for Preston

One more update before I hit the bed...Preston went back to the NICU. He is having trouble keeping food down, so they had to put in an IV. His blood sugar levels and temperature were both low - due to his tiny body and the lack of fat. I just got a phone call from my mom, that he was also having trouble breathing now. They are going to monitor him closely over night. Any and all prayers are GREATLY appreciated!!

Pictures of my Nephews!

Preston David Alles, born at 10:09 am- 4 lbs 4 oz
Parker Neal Alles born at 10:16 am - 5 lbs 6 oz

We got a cookie cake to celebrate the day of their BIRTH! :) We even sang Happy Birthday...it was fun!

Mom and Dad w/ Parker (sorry you can't see his face)

Mom w/ Parker (left) and Preston (right)

Parker Neal - such a cutie!!

I didn't get any close-ups of Preston. He was in the NICU for a few hours before joining us in the post-partum room. At that point, I forgot to take close-ups of him. As soon as I have more pictures, I'll share. As for now, I'm in LOVE with my nephews, and cannot wait for Jackson to meet them. Today was such a happy day! Angie and Rodney are doing great, just really exhausted from all of the hard work, and lack of sleep.

Parker and Preston

Hey everyone! Breaking news...my sister is in labor! I just got a phone call from Rodney, and Angie's water broke at midnight. She's been having contractions ever since, and is up at the hospital, getting ready to go. :) I have a conference call at 7 am today, and then plan on taking the rest of the day off. I can't wait to meet my nephews!!!

I'll post updates later on today when I know more. Please pray for a safe delivery, and two healthy babies!


Guitar Hero

Scott and I went on a date last night, and had a lot of fun. We played games at Dave & Busters, and then ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Yum! On our way home from dinner, Scott exited the highway a little prematurely, and pulled into the Best Buy parking lot. This was not part of the plan. But I was getting really excited, because I knew what we were on our way to do.

Scott bought me an early Valentine's Day present...Guitar Hero! I never thought I would get into this game as much as I did. We played it a few weekends ago at Mary's house, and I had a blast. I'm not sure if many of you know this, but I've wanted to learn how to play the guitar pretty much my whole life. I actually have an acoustic guitar, which is collecting dust in the attic. I tried to teach myself how to play in college, and never spent enough time on it. So I keep stowing the thing away, telling myself that one day I will actually learn. Well...Guitar Hero may be as close as I get to playing a guitar.

Rough Week

As many of you saw on the news, TI went through a large layoff this past week. Last Tuesday was one of the weirdest days of my life. I work in IT, which was hit the hardest among the various areas of TI. My work group was cut by 50%. As a result, several co-workers and dear friends were let go. In addition, some of those who stayed were asked to work in different parts of the company. What a sad day. Thanks be to God, I am still employed, although things are going to be VERY different now. I have a new team, a new boss, and very likely will have a new job role. Things are changing within IT to cope with the changes that are happening within the business.

All of that said, last week was pretty rough. I pray for a renewed focus and positive attitude this week. I pray for all of my friends that are in different parts of the company, and those who are now looking for a new job. I pray that through all of this, we seek to understand God's will in our individual circumstances. He is ALWAYS faithful. He NEVER fails us.