35 weeks!!

WHOA! Where has the time gone? Tomorrow, I will be 35 weeks pregnant! We had an appointment today with Dr. Bailey, and things are going really well. She measured my stomach again, and this time I am measuring at 36 weeks - just one week ahead. She guessed that Jackson probably weighs around 6 lbs. now. She also did a cervical exam, and said that I was dilated to about the size of a finger tip (apparently normal for 35 weeks). Jackson is still head-down, and preparing for his entry into the world! Just a few more weeks left to go.

We will now start going to Dr. Bailey every week. We also have an appointment with Dr. Trimmer next Thursday for a follow-up sonogram, to check on Jackson's size. I believe that should be our last appointment with the specialist.

My thyroid test from a few weeks ago came back abnormal, so they had to increase my dosage of synthroid again. Other than that, I'm just uncomfortable. I've started getting nauseous again at night time, which isn't a whole lot of fun. Crackers are my best friend once again. The numbness in my hands/carpal tunnel is still full force, and getting a little worse each day. And last, but not least, I am starting to swell a bit. My fingers started swelling a few weeks ago...and I am no longer able to wear my wedding rings on my finger - I wear them around my neck now. My feet aren't too bad, but my shoes are fitting a little more snug than I remember before. These are all just minor inconveniences though....and I am just thrilled that we get to meet our sweet baby boy in just a few weeks!! I cannot believe how close that is. We're going to be PARENTS!!!


Baby Shower

I've been horrible at posting lately. It's a combination of me feeling absolutely exhausted and lazy all of the time, as well as my hands not functioning properly. The carpal tunnel is only getting worse..and my hands are almost perpetually numb. Fun times!

Last weekend, my sister and wonderful friends hosted a baby shower for Jackson. It was so much fun! The company was wonderful, the food was delicious, and everything was decorated sooo cute! Scott and I are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to celebrate this exciting time with. Jackson doesn't know how lucky he is, quite yet....but he will soon! Here are a few pictures from last weekend.

The cake table...my mom made the cutest rubber ducky cake!!

The delicious food table, decorated soo cute!

Me with the hostesses. Thank you guys SOO much!!!

Thank you again to everyone who came, and to the wonderful girls who hosted the shower. I promise that thank you notes are on the way. I write about 4 at a time..and then my hand seizes up on me. Slowly but surely, they will get done. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful gifts, and so excited for Jackson to arrive!!


Carpal Tunnel

Just a quick update before the weekend begins. Jackson is doing great! We had a doctor appt. yesterday, and things are going well. My stomach is measuring on track, my blood pressure is great, and things are well. They took my blood to re-check my thyroid, and if I don't hear back from them, then all is well.

In recent news at home, this week I came down with a stomach virus. I was pretty sick most of Tuesday night, and spent Wednesday recovering. I feel much better now, thank goodness! And another small problem that has developed: Carpal Tunnel. I have it in both of my hands...how wonderful! I told the doctor yesterday that my arms/hands have been going numb about every 30 minutes, and she said "totally normal toward the end of pregnancy!" I bought some wrist braces at Wal Mart today, and plan to wear those whenever I can until the baby comes. Doc says that as soon as Jackson pops out, the carpal tunnel will disappear. Too weird! It must happen to many pregnant women, because I get these weekly e-mails from BabyCenter.Com to tell me what is happening with my pregnancy that week. Today, I got the 33 week e-mail, and right there in the paragraph...all about numb hands and carpal tunnel. The crazy things that I did not expect during pregnancy...haha.

In more exciting news, my incredible sister and wonderful friends are throwing me a baby shower this weekend. Our first shower was last weekend, and it was a lot of fun. Cindi was an excellent host, and we were showered with tons of wonderful gifts for Jackson. I am looking forward to seeing some more friends this weekend, and celebrating with everyone. We are sooo blessed with the most amazing family and friends, and so thankful for everything they do for us!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Time for me to head home. :)


Maternity Pics

My sweet friend, Marissa, is starting up her own photography business. She has a lot of talent, so I know she'll be extremely successful! She was in town the other day, and took some pictures of me, Scott, and Jackson. Here is my favorite:

You can check out Marissa's work, and a few more proofs of us on her blog: http://marissaphotography.blogspot.com. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!