1 week old!

Jackson is 1 week old today. :)
Here are a few pictures I took yesterday.

Aunt G brought the twins over to meet Jackson.
From left to right: Preston, Jackson, and Parker.

Trying out his bouncer for the first time. He made some pretty funny faces, but seemed to enjoy it.

Labor Story

Here are a few details of how it all went down. :)

Friday night, April 17th, Scott and I had our last child class at the hospital. It was Infant Safety and CPR. During the class, I was having some stomach pains, but nothing too big to make me think anything of it. We got home that night around 9:30 or so, and got ready for bed. I eventually had to come out to the couch because I was having consistent pains in my stomach, mildly painful. After little to no sleep that night, I noticed I was also bleeding some and couldn't feel Jackson moving, and that worried me. So I woke Scott up on Saturday morning (April 18th), and we headed to Baylor Frisco to get checked out.

We stayed for a few hours and they monitored me. I was having contractions - and I could feel them, but apparently they weren't strong enough for me to stay/be in labor. They sent me home after a shot of pain medicine to help the "False labor pains" go away. The shot made me pretty loopy, and I slept for a few hours. I woke up at 11 am with some serious contractions. I decided to start timing them (Scott was asleep, and I didn't want to wake him with another "false labor"). From 11 to about 3 or 4, I timed my contractions at 5 minutes apart or less. I was thinking that I was in labor, but didn't want to go back to the hospital to be sent home again. I decided I wanted to go to my parents' house for a bit, so we drove over there. By the time we got there, they were about 2-3 minutes apart, and HURT!!! And on top of it all, I had a fever over 101. After an hour or so of that, we decided "We're going back up to the hospital".

We went up to the hospital, got checked in, hooked up to the monitor, and at this point my contractions were hurting SO bad, I was almost in tears. The nurses worked really fast, and I was able to get an epidural within that first hour or two of being there. WHEW! What a relief. This was the longest part of the night...just waiting until it was time to PUSH (or so I thought). After about 6 hours or so, they started Pitocin, to see if they could get the labor moving faster and my water to break. My water broke, labor was progressing, and then the nurse came in with some not-so-good news. I had apparently developed an infection which is why I had a fever. They put 3 different antibiotics in my IV, but they weren't effective, and the infection was getting to Jackson somehow. His heart rate was dropping, his oxygen levels were dropping, and things were not looking good. They called Dr. Welbourne (Dr. Bailey was not oncall that weekend). She came up to the hospital, checked things out, and said "You're going to need a c-section pretty quickly". And the whirlwind began. Let me be honest here: I was TERRIFIED.

After several hours of labor, I was whisked away to the operating room in a hurry. There were several people in there, all shouting commands and such...and it was FREEZING. I was shaking uncontrollably, and terrified. They started the c-section, and it seemed like within minutes, our baby boy was crying. It was such a relief to hear him cry, and hear the doctor say "he's a big baby!" and "he looks just like his daddy!". But at the same time, I was still scared about the rest of the procedure. I kept telling Scott "I just want this to be over, how much longer? Are they done yet?" And then I heard "we've got a geyser!" And the next thing I know they are giving me all these shots to help stop the bleeding...and it was just scary. About 30 minutes or so after Jackson came out, the procedure was over and I was wheeled away to recovery. I was so sad that I didn't really get to spend that time with Jackson, but I know I needed to recover. Whew...what a night!

Jackson was born at 4:31 am on Sunday, April 19th. He is the newest love of my life, and I feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness at our precious new gift from God. He has a very calm personality, is a GREAT baby, eats well, sleeps pretty well (for the most part), and I couldn't be more blessed!

I want to end this post by saying to my husband, Scott:
You are my rock. You pulled me through every single minute of the delivery, the hospital stay, and our first days back at home. There is NO way I could have done any of this without you. You have such a calming presence. You reassure me when I freak out. You hold me when I cry, when I'm anxious, and afraid. You are everything to me, and I am more in love with you now than I've ever been. Thank you for all that you do for me and for our family. We are so blessed to have you as the head of our home.


Jackson Scott Echols - 04.19.09

Our baby boy has arrived!! And he is A-DOR-ABLE, and we love him more than we ever thought we could love anything in this world. He is such a precious baby! (and he looks JUST like his daddy!)

I will eventually get around to posting the labor story, and more...but I haven't figured out this whole schedule thing yet. :) And, I'm running on about 45 minutes of sleep in the last day or so. So as soon as I get the hang of things, there will be more. For now - enjoy the pictures at this link.


You should be able to get to them, even if you are not a member of facebook. Let me know if you have any trouble.


Baby Watch

Quick update from our doctor visit today:
  • I am dilated a "loose" 1 cm. Slightly more than last time, but not by much.
  • I am 80% effaced - so a bit of cervical change since last time.
  • Jackson is head down, and at a -1 station...so right at the cervical opening...ready to come on out into this world. :)
  • His heartbeat was great, my blood pressure was normal again, and all is well.
  • We're still scheduled for induction on Tuesday morning at 7:30 am. However, my mom is convinced he is arriving before then. Hehe...too funny. We'll see!!
Scott and I are headed to Lantana to pick up our wedding album from our photographer. It finally made it back from Italy...and I can't wait to see it! This may be my last post until Jackson arrives. I promise to post pictures of our new baby boy as soon as I get around to it. :)


Doctor Visit

I just got home from our 37 week appointment. Here are the updates:
  • I am still only 1 cm dilated, and 60% effaced. My cervix hasn't made a whole lot of change in the last week.
  • My blood pressure was high for me, since I generally have extremely low blood pressure. She wasn't too worried about it though.
  • And the best news of all - WE SCHEDULED AN INDUCTION DATE!!!! Tuesday, April 21st @ 7:30 am. If Jackson Scott Echols does not arrive before then, that will be his birthday! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I will be about 38 1/2 weeks along, and OH so ready to meet our baby boy!!


Jackson's Nursery

At last, the nursery is complete! Here are some pictures of the final product. The pictures will be clockwise as you walk into the room.
First, the wall with the crib and the awesome letters that Scott painted.

Next, is the wall with our changing table.

To the right of our changing table is our swing. :)

In front of the next wall & window is our rocker & a small side table. I will be spending a lot of time in that chair while nursing.

And last, but not least, the wall with the famous bookshelf. Jackson's Grand-dad (Scott's dad), and Scott both worked very hard on this bookshelf, and made it themselves. They matched the design to our crib and changing table, and it looks incredible in the nursery!


36 weeks and counting...

We had appointments with Dr. Bailey and Dr. Trimmer today. Both were successful, and provided good news.

Dr. Bailey:
- The first exciting thing, is that this is the first time I've gotten on the scales and LOST weight since I've been pregnant. Haha. I know that's silly...but I'm excited about that part. At this point in the pregnancy, it is normal for my weight to even out, or even to lose a few pounds in the next few weeks. The baby is still gaining weight though...so all is well.
- I am dilated 1 cm, and 50% effaced (that means my cervix is thinning out..and 1/2 way there...now I just get to wonder how much longer until "there" comes).
- Jackson is still hanging out head-down, and lowering just a little bit.

Dr. Trimmer:
- Jackson was awake and moving around - we got a nice good look at a profile shot of his face. Such a cutie! He was moving his little fingers and toes around...oooh I can't wait to hold him!!
- He is weighing in at 6 lbs 12 ounces. If he stayed in until May 1st, he would be 8 lbs 12 ounces...gaining about 1/2 lb a week.
- All of his organs look great.
- My amniotic fluid level is right on track.
- Overall - great news. And Dr. Trimmer says that if he wanted to make his way into this world at any point now...that would be alright. (It would be alright with me, too, Dr. Trimmer!! Get this baby OUT OF ME!!! Haha.)

I'm not going to lie - I'm starting to feel a little miserable. Everything hurts. I am having contractions also. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm sooo close. :)