6 weeks

Jackson is 6 weeks old today! This past week, he's started playing on the Baby Einstein play mat...and he loves it! It's so cute - he gets so excited, kicks his legs and moves his arms a lot. And he coos and smiles occasionally, also. Too cute!

He's growing soo fast! We weighed him on my sister's baby scale last night, and he was 11 lbs, 3 oz after he ate. So he probably weighs a little under 11 lbs. Growing big and strong!! :) Here are a few more pictures from the last week.


Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights...

My friend Erin Nickell tagged me for this....so here it goes. :)

Tag Rules...
1. Mention the person who tagged you.
2. Complete the list of 8's
3. Tag 8 of your wonderful blog friends!

8 things I look forward to:
1. Waking my sweet boy up to eat after his nap times & spending time with him
2. 3:30 pm M-Th, and 1:30 pm F, when Scott gets home from work
3. Play dates with Parker & Preston
4. Katherine, Jason, and Luke come home in a few weeks
5. Going on a long run again, once the doctor gives me the okay (I go back for my 6 week check-up tomorrow...I'm hoping she says YES!)
6. Getting back into shape, and wearing my Seven jeans once again! Oh, how I miss them.
7. Disneyworld in October w/ The Deutsch and Echols families
8. Spending time with family and friends

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Watched a DVR'd episode of The Bachelorette
2. Changed a LOT of diapers
3. Fed Jackson 7 times
4. Visited with Jackson's Great Aunts: Ann and Ruth
5. Went to Target
6. Laundry
7. Cooked dinner
8. Washed dishes & bottles

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Dance like the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance
2. Travel more often
3. Not have to go back to work in a few weeks :(
4. Lose the rest of this pregnancy weight a little faster...I'm impatient!
5. Sleep a whole 8 hours straight
6. Go for a run right now
7. Have my husband's creativity
8. Play the guitar

8 shows I watch:
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Dancing w/ the Stars
4. So You Think You Can Dance
5. 24
6. Bachelor/Bachelorette
7. Desperate Housewives (and I'm still not sure why I keep watching this)
8. American Idol

8 Bloggers I Tag
1. Katherine Deutsch
2. Rebecca Holmboe
3. Marissa Cassidy
4. Kelsey Poe
5. Angie Alles
6. Liz Jobson
7. Amy Dixon
8. Jill Coss


Happy Baby! :)

Happy Baby = Happy Momma. This is what we've heard over and over again at the hospital, and from our pediatrician. And boy is it true. Our sweet Jackson is happy again!!! It turns out his reflux wasn't really the problem to begin with...he was just starving! Now we are supplementing between 2 and 3 ounces of formula after every time I nurse him, and the boy is growing! He's gained almost 2 pounds in a week. We took him to the doctor last Wednesday, and he weighed in at 8 lbs 7.5 ounces. Yesterday, Scott weighed him, and he was 10.5 lbs!!! WHOA NELLY! Apparently he had some catching up to do. I feel bad that we didn't know he was so hungry, but VERY grateful that our new doctor figured it out!


5 Weeks!!

This week, Jackson has started to smile and coo. Not a whole lot, but every now and then...and it is SO PRECIOUS! His daddy has gotten a few more smiles than his mommy (so not fair..haha), but in no time he'll be smiling for everyone to see. Unfortunately we haven't captured any smiles on camera, but hopefully soon. :)

Taking a nap with daddy

Snug as a bug, all wrapped up after bathtime

He likes to stick his tongue out

Sticking his tongue out again, in his Texas Tech bib. Moments before this picture, I asked him "Jackson, are you going to be a Red Raider?" And his response was a big 'ole smile. UH OH!!! I better get our Sooner gear out FAST! ;)


Update on J&J

We took Jackson to the new pediatrician today...couldn't wait until his 2 month appointment. He has been screaming way too much for it to be normal. Dr. Pam is awesome! I am really glad we switched. Having a doctor 3 minutes from home, as opposed to 30, is a great thing!

Dr. Pam talked with Scott and I for awhile about Jackson. A lot was discussed, and here is where we ended up: Prevacid is not working well for him. It's constipating him, and seems to be making matters worse. His signs are no different than before we started him on the reflux meds, so we are thinking maybe he doesn't really have reflux all that bad. Instead, it seems that he is not getting enough to eat! He hasn't gained enough weight, and he seems to still be unhappy after I am done nursing him. We did a little experiment, and I nursed him while I was there. We weighed him before, and after, and he only gained 1.5 ounces. Which means that's all he's getting...and it's not enough. We decided to start supplementing w/ formula for awhile, until I can boost my milk production. Hopefully that will help make him more full, happy, and start gaining weight! We've also quit the Prevacid, and the other remedies to help him with his constipation (prune juice, karo syrup, suppositories). We go back to the doctor on Friday for a checkup to see if he has gained weight, and if he's happier with this new approach. Overall, I really like what Dr. Pam had to say, and I'm very happy with trying this out. I just want my baby to feel better, and be happier. :)

My ultrasound came back normal. No gallstones, or anything wrong that they can tell from the ultrasound. Hallelujah! Dr. Bailey said for me to visit my general practitioner if the pain gets worse, or doesn't go away in awhile. There could be something wrong that the ultrasound did not detect. I am still having pain, but it's manageable...so I'm just going to tough it out for awhile and pray it goes away.


1 Month!

Our little baby boy is growing up fast. Already 1 month old! Here are some pictures from the past week:
Showing off his big, beautiful eyes

Trying out the swing

Jackson with his friend, Tucker :)


Reflux and Ribcage

So we've had a pretty eventful couple of weeks here at the Echols' home. Jackson has had some major reflux, and we are now on our second medicine to see if it helps. The first - Zantac, did not really help much. Now he is taking Prevacid, which seems to help a little bit, but not a whole lot more. He screams. A lot. He kicks his knees up into his chest, and back out. And it makes momma soooo sad!! Now that he is on Prevacid, a nice side effect has been that he is now constipated. So I think he is even more irritable because he can't go to the bathroom. :( My poor little guy! We're hanging in there, though!

In other news, I have been having some pain in my right ribcage area, pretty much since I was in the hospital recovering. It's gotten slightly worse over the weeks. The skin over that area is also numb to the touch. So random. I went to see Dr. Bailey again today, to follow-up with the numbness/pain, and she ordered me to get an ultrasound of my abdomen. She said I could have gallstones, or an inflamed gall bladder or liver. Those are just some of her guesses, but she wants to make sure with an ultrasound. So - I go back to the hospital tomorrow morning to get an ultrasound of my abdomen! The biggest bummer of all of this is that I cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight tonight. I am breastfeeding, and when you nurse every three hours, you get REALLY THIRSTY! Not to mention, you need to drink tons of water in order to keep your milk supply up. Fun times w/o water or food tonight and tomorrow morning. We'll see how this goes. I'm praying that I just have some inflammation of the area, and not gallstones - because I'm really not up for another surgery anytime soon.


3 weeks old!

Our little boy is 3 weeks old!! Here are some cute pics from our last week together.

Bath Time! :)

I think this is going to be one of his dance moves. :)

My first Mother's Day

Here are a few pictures from my first Mother's Day as a Mom!! :)

I love my sweet angel!!

All of the mothers in my family, plus our 3 little boys!
(Me, Grams w/ Jackson, Aunt Margie, Cousin Libby, Seester w/ Parker, and Nanna w/ Preston)

Mimi w/ Jackson :)


2 Week Appointment

Jackson had his 2 week check-up at Dr. Paruolo's yesterday. Overall, it was a great visit. He has gained over 1/2 lb. in the last week, to put him at 7 lbs 14.5 oz, almost back to his birth weight. He is also 21 inches now, so 1 inch longer than at birth. :) Dr. P was impressed with his weight gain, and said we could start letting him go as long as he wanted to between feedings at night...no more waking him up every 3 hours to eat. Last night didn't work out that well, though. We found out that Jackson has reflux, which has been making him VERY unhappy. He screams for hours, and nothing can make him calm down. Thankfully, Dr. P called him in a prescription for some reflux medicine, and we will start that tonight. Whew...I sure hope it makes him a happier camper!

Other than that, he is doing great. Our next appointment is his 2 month check-up, and I believe he gets his first round of shots at that time. We are switching pediatricians, because Dr. P is in The Colony, which is just too far to drive (esp. when I go back to work). We've been given a recommendation for a Ped here in Coppell, and I am going to call/set that appointment up soon.