14 weeks!

I'm just hangin' out in daddy's recliner & smiling about it.

Trying out my bumbo, and getting practice sitting up.

We thought it was so funny that he had twisted his body into this shape. His legs were in a funny position too, but you can't exactly tell from this picture.

Sitting up in the glider. I like to glide back and forth!


3 Months

Jackson is 3 months old today!

Smiling @ mommy

It's exhausting being a baby

A few new things he has been doing over the last month:

- sleeping without the swaddle - woo hoo!
- sleeping through the night, consistently - another woo hoo!
- sitting up on his own for a few seconds (it's not a whole lot, but he's getting stronger, and we're working on it)
- sucking on his fingers (he uses his left hand more than his right, which makes his left-handed daddy happy)
- talking more, and smiling a lot
- batting at toys, and really focusing on things


Shots and Meds

Today we went to Dr. Pam for Jackson's second round of shots. While we were there we discussed a few other things, including the increase in spit up/choking that occurred yesterday. Dr. Pam could tell that Jackson is having more trouble with reflux. While we were there he was spitting up quite a bit, and showing other signs as well. So...we are back on medicine. But this time, it's really because of reflux. Last time we thought he was screaming due to bad reflux, but he was really just starving/not getting enough food. Clearly he is not starving anymore, since he weighs 15.5 lbs. WHOA!

He is taking Zantac again, which is great b/c it is MUCH cheaper than Prevacid, and I think it is going to help a lot. We've also elevated his mattress to help prevent some of the acid coming back up. Last night I had to sleep with him while sitting up on the couch. I put him to bed, and was watching him on the video monitor moments later. He spit up a lot, and was starting to gag on it again. I didn't want him to choke in the middle of the night, so I just slept upright with him on my chest. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but he slept straight through the night. Hopefully tonight will be better with a dose of medicine in him, and the elevated crib.

In other news, his hernia is getting smaller. Dr. Pam said that it will take years, and not to expect it to get small quickly. However, she was surprised at how much smaller the hernia had gotten from just a month ago. She said that Jackson apparently didn't "read the book", and might prove us wrong. I'm okay with that. :)


First big scare

The good news is: Jackson is sleeping through the night. :) The past several nights he has gone down after his last feeding of the day, and slept until I wake him up at 6 am to eat. This makes me VERY happy, as I'm almost getting 7 hours of sleep each night! THAT IS AWESOME!

The sad news is: Jackson's first big scare was this morning. It's all okay now, and he was fine a few seconds after it happened, but boy was my heart racing. I fed Jackson at 6 am this morning, as I do every weekday. He ate well, burped well, and spent a few minutes talking with me before I put him in his bouncer while I got ready. He entertained himself, I got ready, and then we headed over to my mom's house. We got there, I changed his diaper, and was getting ready to swaddle him up for nap time. As I picked him up, he started to cough, and then proceeded to gag/choke. At first it was just a little spit up, and then he kept choking and turning red, and then proceeded to throw up all over the place....like a whole feeding worth of throw up all over me, the floor, and him. Gross, I know...but more than gross, it was SCARY!!! After he was done choking/throwing up, I just held him close and continued to pat his back. He kept having minor coughing/choke spells, but eventually he was okay. I have no idea what was wrong. It had been almost an hour and a half since I'd fed him that this happened. I still don't know what caused it, other than I think that his reflux is getting worse. I wonder if just a little bit came up, and he gagged on it, and it caused the rest of it to come up. :( We go to the doctor tomorrow for another round of shots, and I'll be asking about this. I sure don't want this to happen in the middle of the night while he is sleeping on his back and can't get it up. SCARY!


First Swim

Jackson had his first dip in the pool over the weekend. He was quite a fan of the water, until he got hungry and it was time to eat.

You can see his hernia, causing his belly button to stick out.

Tummy Time