Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the Dallas Arboretum on Sunday. It figures that after a week of cool weather, it would be STEAMING on Sunday while we were there. The poor babies were sooo hot...so we didn't stay long. Here are some fun fall pictures we got at the pumpkin patch.

Preston (red) and Parker (green)

Nanna & PaPa w/ Jackson

Fun pictures

The boy LOVES to smile!

He also loves to sleep....especially on daddy's chest (and what a handsome daddy he has!)

Do you think he has enough toys?! And this is just a few of them.


Just hangin' out together. :)

Preston (L) and Parker (R)


Roly Poly

My mom just called me at work to tell me that our little one has just rolled over from his back to his tummy. Jackson has been working on this for quite some time now, and has been getting sooo close, so we knew it would be any day now.

I HATE that I am missing his firsts. I know it's silly, but I really wish I was there to see him do these things for the first time, and not be at work. I'll get over it...but I'm just a little saddened by this.

Anywho...I'm done whining. YAY, JACKSON!


Our baby is 5 months old!!!

Enjoy this video of daddy making Jackson laugh:


Great-Grandma Wortman

Last weekend, we went to visit my Grandma Wortman. She was SO excited to see Jackson...it was too precious! I love this picture of my dad, grandma, and Jackson. Too bad he's not looking straight at the camera.

My handsome nephews

I have been a TERRIBLE aunt, and have not been posting enough pictures of my sweet nephews. Here are a few recent pictures of the boys. They are 7 months old now, and getting SO BIG!

Preston (left) and Parker (right)

Cousins having a pow-wow

My seester w/ Preston

My second cousin, Julie, w/ Parker

Football & Friends

Labor Day Weekend, we had some of our friends from high school over to watch football and hang out. Here are a few cute pictures of our little ones together. :)

Jackson w/ his buddy Tucker.
Tucker is Grant & Jill's precious one that was born 1 day after Jackson.

Jackson, Sage, and Tucker

Sage just turned 1 a few months ago, and is Cody & Amy's little girl. She's going to be a big sister!! We are very excited for Cody & Amy's baby boy that will be born in early 2010.


92 Years

My grandmother turned 92 on Friday, September 4th. What an incredible life she has lived (and continues to live)! Mary Alice Reinhardt is a VERY strong woman. It is obvious to me that my mom has inherited this quality from my grandma. Grandma Reinhardt has been through A LOT. She is on several medications, has endured several hospital visits, and yet never ceases to amaze us with her incredible strength to pull through it all. I want to be 92 and strong like her. She is inspiring to all of us!

A few current sayings of hers that are just TOO precious:
  • When Scott asks her how she's doing...she ALWAYS replies: "I'm better!"
  • When I come to my parents' house (where she also lives), she always asks me right off the bat "Where's my baby!?" She calls Jackson "her baby."
  • When she holds Jackson, and touches his feet (no matter how cold they are, or aren't), she emphatically says "Ohhhh that poor baby's feet are cold! Put some SOCKS on that baby's feet!"
I love you, Grams! Here's to celebrating 92 years of your beautiful life! I have been blessed to grow up under your love and care, and am so thankful for you!


Jackson's new favorite activities

Cereal Face

Doesn't he look like such a BIG boy in his high chair? He's growing up too fast!!!!