Jackson at 20 months

Jackson loves...

- Thomas the Train - the shows, the trains, the books, you name it.

- His puppy - he still sleeps with his puppy at night, and loves to take him around the house with him. He is also still a big fan of seeing puppies/dogs. He likes to imitate the noises they make. I got a beagle about 5 years ago, named Sadie. She lives with my parents now, and when Jackson goes to visit, he loves to see her. When Sadie gets excited she makes a snorting sound, which Jackson thinks is funny, and he likes to imitate.

- Visiting his grandparents, his aunts/uncles, and his cousins. He talks about them all of the time, and loves to pray for them at night before bed.

- Saying prayers - he loves to say prayers at night before bed...and prays for everyone and everything, including his blankets, cars, books, diapers, etc. It's hilarious and precious.

- Bathtime - it is so fun to play with bath toys, the bucket mommy/daddy uses to rinse out his hair, and the wash cloth. It's a super special bath when mom lets him play with the bubbles.

- Talking - Jackson is quite a jibber jabber these days. He is beginning to form sentences, and some of them are quite hilarious and random. The other day he told me "Hurry, Mommy!" Amy told me that he said to her the other day "Amy, Logan's crazy." Haha...so polite of him. He often tells daddy "Have fun!" when daddy is leaving to go somewhere.

- Eating - As you all know, our son loves him some food. There aren't many things he's tried that he doesn't like. He loves to eat, and loves to eat a lot! And, he's getting better and better at using his fork and spoon.

- Dancing - Jackson really enjoys listening to music, and especially dancing to it. He loves it when you watch him dance, and laugh at him. He'll keep doing it, just so you laugh. And when you laugh at him, it makes him laugh. So he keeps on dancing, and it is just too cute!

- Pictures - he always wants to look at the pictures on our cell phones, and scroll through them. He loves to look at photo albums of himself when he was a baby. He gets excited when he sees all of the people he loves in the pictures with him.

Reading - Jackson loves books. He'll pick one off the bookshelf, and plop in your lap to have you read it to him. Sometimes he lasts all the way through...but other times, he just wants to flip the pages, and get through it quickly so he can pull the next one off the shelf. :)

I can't believe it's just a few short months until Jackson turns 2. Why do babies have to grow up so fast?!


Weekend Getaway

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to my family for watching Jackson for us last weekend while Scott and I took off for 2 1/2 days. We left town on Friday afternoon, and headed out into the middle of nowhere on Possum Kingdom Lake. It was FABULOUS. Scott and I had a great time. We ate way too much good food, laughed until we cried, relaxed, relaxed, and relaxed. It was sooo so great! Here are a few pictures from our road trip & weekend away.
Miles and miles of rolling hills, and beautiful land!


Our hotel room. I was quite a fan of the fireplace. :) It was very cozy!

A view of the lake from our balcony. Our resort was right on the cliffs of the lake...and it was so beautiful!

These little guys were running around everywhere. Deer are so pretty!


Fire. Warmth. Joy.

Tonight, we made our first fire of the season. It was COLD today!! After I asked Scott if we could make a fire tonight, I got an even more wonderful idea....WE SHOULD MAKE SMORES!!! Oh yeah, that's right. We roasted marshmallows in our fireplace and made smores. Ha! When is the last time you enjoyed a good smore? Scott and I were trying to remember, and we couldn't. It had been toooo long! Those things are delicious. And the fun we had making them/almost burning our hands off was even better!
I highly recommend the following:
1. Make a fire - especially if you haven't already enjoyed one this year.
2. Be a kid again - roast marshmallows in your fireplace, and enjoy those smores!


Merry Christmas from The Echols!

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Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon

I cannot believe I am actually typing these words...but I recently decided that I am running the Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon on March 27, 2011. The best part about it, is that my sister is going to run the race with me! :) Running a 1/2 marathon has been a goal of mine for a long time. I've always had some reason for not running one. Well...no more excuses. Now is the time. I've been inspired by several friends who have run 1/2 marathons recently. So now that it's out and official, let the running begin. I'm going to start my official training the first week in January...but I'm running now about 4 days a week. The thing I'm most worried about is the time commitment for training. I just need to be super organized and disciplined with my time, and I'll be good to go! I will happily accept any and all prayers from now until March 27th. I can do this. I can run 13.1 miles.


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Thankful for a sleepless night

I'm pretty sure that between Jackson and I, we've gone through about 3 boxes of kleenex in the last month. Winter is fast approaching, and so begins the season for colds. Jackson has another cold right now, and he is so congested. I felt so bad for him last night...he couldn't sleep well because he couldn't breathe. About midnight, he woke up crying out for me, and was very restless in his bed. I usually leave him in his crib to work through it and get himself back to sleep. But last night, I felt like he needed some extra love. I got him up, and laid on the couch with him. He fell asleep on my chest, just like he used to do when he was a newborn. I was in heaven, and almost to the point of tears. What a precious time. Now that we have a toddler boy on our hands, it is very rare to get him to cuddle for long periods of time. I cherished every second of it, and was reluctant to put him back in his crib for the night. After about an hour and a half, I laid him back down. He went to sleep for about 30 minutes, woke up, and cried out for me again. We repeated the above for a second time.

I didn't get much sleep last night, but I don't mind. I loved every second of holding that sweet boy, and will cherish every opportunity I get.



We went to the Gaylord to see ICE w/ my family a few weekends ago. The theme was A Charlie Brown Christmas. I took quite a few pictures...but here are just a few. We had a great time!

My wonderful parents!


Scott and I cuddled up in front of Snoopy's house. It's coooold in there!


My mom coming down the ice slide

Dad's in the dog house again...hehe.

Our little Superman

He melts my heart. I think that is his super power. :)

Good friends

Amy sent me this sweet picture of all 3 kiddos at the park. Jackson just loves playing with Logan & Leah. Recently, he has been especially excited about Logan. Each morning when we get in the car, I ask him who we're going to see. He always answers with "LOGAN!" And when we get to Amy's house, he knocks on the door and calls out "Looooogan". It's pretty cute!

Climb, slide, play!

Our boy is full of energy, loves to play at the park, and on any place he can climb, slide, etc. Here are a few pics we took at the Willowbend Mall play place, and the park.


We have a Picasso on our hands, guys! I'm actually really embarassed about this, but I guess all kids do this at some point. Jackson decided to color a mural on the wall at his babysitter's house. Amy is precious, and patient, and super understanding. We are so thankful for her! She sent me this picture in a text, and thought it was funny. I'm just glad it came out of her wall. I felt horrible! Amy had a talk with him, and taught him that we only color on paper. Jackson went around saying "paper, paper, paper" for at least a week after it happened. Now, if you ask him "Jackson, what do we color on?" He will emphatically say...PAPER! And when he sees the wall while he is coloring on his paper, he will say "No, no, no, no." Haha.

The Poky Little Puppy

I am WAYY behind on blogging. I think I know what one of my 2011 New Year's Resolutions will be. :) I am going to play catch-up...so get ready for a lot of posts in a row. Let's start off with Halloween.

Scott and I went to Game 4 of the World Series w/ his parents, and had a great time (although the Rangers lost that game). While we were away, my parents took Jackson trick or treating. Jackson was not a fan, and was not too excited about wearing his costume either. My dad was only able to snap one quick photo before the meltdown. He sent me this picture on my phone while we were at the baseball game. I teared up a little bit, and felt like the worst mother ever to not take my son trick or treating on Halloween. I guess it's a good thing he wasn't that into it this year. I'll be sure not to miss next year's fun!

Our precious little puppy


18 months!

Today, our baby boy is A YEAR AND A HALF OLD! Can you believe it?! Where has all of this time gone?

Jackson is at such a fun age right now. He learns something new everyday, and is such a sponge. He soaks it all in, and then repeats it all later. :) And he will repeat EVERYTHING. So now is the time to start being extra careful about everything he hears and sees!

We went to his 18 month check-up today, and he is doing great! He is 32 3/4 inches tall (50-75th percentile), 26 lbs 4 oz (50-75th percentile), and has a 19.5 inch head circumference (90th percentile). Huge head! Haha. I noticed a bump on one of his legs a couple weeks ago, and mentioned it to our pediatrician today. He wasn't too concerned about it, but would still like us to get an x-ray, just to be sure it isn't anything serious. We'll be making that appointment in the next week or so.

In other news, we discontinued the pacifier today. Last night, we had a talk with Jackson about how he was going to be a year and a half old today, and he was a very big boy. There are other little boys that need pacifiers more than he does, so we are going to give his pacifier to them, since he doesn't need it anymore. :) Amy said he did great at naptime today without it. He asked for it tonight at bedtime, but I reminded him that we were all done with his pacifier. He cried for about 2 minutes, and then went to sleep. I'm so proud of him!! I thought this would be MUCH more difficult. Hopefully the next few days are just as smooth.

Happy 18 months, Jackson! Mommy & Daddy are SO proud of you!! You are such a blessing, and we love to watch you learn and grow each day. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives, for letting us love you, and for loving us back. You are so precious to us!


Precious moments

Jackson loves to read, and has a "thing" with his dad. Every once in awhile, Jackson will bring Scott a book and want to lie down on top of him while he reads a story. Moments like this melt my heart. I love my boys!!!

A new favorite

Jackson officially discovered doorknobs, and is making sure to open doors as often as he can.

Father and son

Jackson likes to help his daddy when he's working at the desk. He loves "typing" on the computer, and digging into the desk drawer to see what he can find. Best of all, he just loves sitting in his daddy's lap!


Nasty virus

Jackson has a virus that has produced this horrible looking rash all over his body. This is a picture of his back during bath time yesterday.

You can't tell how bad it looked from this picture, but his face was completely covered in red bumps when he woke up this morning. Of course he still has a big smile on his face.

Jackson, we hope you feel better soon!!!



Jackson is learning to express his emotions more and more every day. Today for example, Jackson went from VERY UPSET...

to VERY HAPPY, in just a short time.
Jackson loves to help bring in the mail.
And, we had a great time chasing this little guy around the back yard.


Two incredible years

Today is our 2nd anniversary. The last 2 years have certainly gone by extremely fast. However, I feel like Scott and I have been married much longer than 2 years. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just that we've been best friends for so long, and it feels like we should be celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

As I am sitting here thinking about what I want to write to remember the last 2 years of our married life, I keep going back to a post I wrote almost 2 years ago. You can read that post here. That pretty much sums up the way I feel about Scott, and the way I will always feel about him. I am so blessed to be married to such an incredible man. He is such a wonderful husband, and amazing father. I love him more and more with each passing day, and I'm not just saying that. It is truly wonderful to wake up every morning next to your best friend. I look forward to many more years ahead of us, and what God has in store for our lives. We've been blessed beyond measure the first 2 years of our marriage, and I look forward to living out the rest of our calling together.

I love you, Scott. You are my love. My one and only. Forever. And ever.


15 months!!

Last week, Jackson turned 15 months old! He is SO MUCH FUN, and I am enjoying every single second I get to spend with him. We went to the doctor last Friday, and he is doing great. He's ahead of schedule on his developmental milestones, and he is growing big and strong.
Here are his stats: 31.5 inches long, 26 lbs 6.5 ounces (WHOA!)

Jackson is a chatter box, and talks up a storm. Some of his most frequently spoken words include:
Puppy (all time favorite word and favorite obsession ever. this kid LOVES dogs!)
Truck (he says "cuck")
Clock & Tic Tock
(he likes to say this when we're watching the Rangers)
Don't! (this one just started recently)
I did it!
(gross, i know...but he actually says this word sometimes before he goes poo-poo in his diaper!)
Cookie (he likes to ask for a cookie after dinner every single night. haha.)
Thank you

Amy (he LOVES going to Amy's house everyday during the week to play with Leah (Ee-ah), Logan (Ogan), Ryan (Iyan), and Amy (he says this one clearly))

We are having so much fun with him, and can't wait to see how much he learns in the next 3 months. His 18 month check-up will be here before we know it!

Going Bonkers!

A couple Sundays ago, we headed to Going Bonkers near the Vista Ridge Mall. It's a huge indoor playground with several climbing/crawling structures for kids. Jackson is still a bit young to fully enjoy it, but he had fun for about 30 minutes, playing in the toddler area. It was really noisy inside, and he wasn't too sure about it at first. Once he warmed up to it, I think he got in a few smiles and maybe a laugh or two.
Playing w/ mommy

Not too sure about this girl. She kept getting all in his face, and he was not a fan.

On to the next adventure!

P squared

Preston, Parker, Aunt G, and Uncle Rodney came over for a play date a few weekends ago. We ordered some yummy food, and had fun hanging out. I didn't get many pictures, but I did snap a few of P squared in our ball pit.

Parker having fun w/ his brother in the ball pit. And of course with the remote control in hand!

Love the look on Preston's face!


Quick Feet

Scott taught Jackson how to do "quick feet." You know, the football drill? I think "quick feet" is an Echols family thing, because I remember Luke doing it when he was a toddler, and it was just as funny then! I need to ask about the back-story on this.



Hawaii 2010

Playing in the float, in our hotel room. :)

Thought his shirt was too cute.

My sweet baby boy!

The Echols family women

My handsome boys

He had a blast playing in this puddle.
This shot was taken moments after he crashed & burned. :)

My nephew, Luke. So handsome.

I love this man!