Mohawk Baby

Jackson LOVES going to his cousins' house everyday during the week while Scott and I are at work. He has so much fun with Amy and her children, Logan & Leah.
Last week, Amy sent us this photo of Jackson. Too funny!


This is what happens when plastic meets dishwasher coils

All of a sudden I smelled something awful coming from the kitchen, and the dishwasher was smoking. Eek!


A few weeks ago, Paw-Paw came to play with Jackson. Jackson had a lot of fun showing off his choo choo train.

Gotta fix those pants!

Pure joy!


First Steps!!

I've been meaning to blog lately...but time has gotten away from me. Tonight's post, however, is very much worth blogging.

He isn't walking everywhere yet, but he sure can! He was walking back and forth between Scott and I. What a fun thing to see!! I almost cried, I was so excited for him. He still gets really excited & nervous when he realizes what he is doing, and often falls down after a few steps. Plus, he knows he is much more efficient at crawling than walking, so he still prefers to crawl. Either way, it's exciting...and I know that we aren't very far away from him walking and running around the house. SO FUN!

(We tried to video tape him in action, but he got camera shy every single time. I'm hoping we can sneak up on him soon, and catch it on video.)


For Sale...aaaand SOLD

I took this picture during the 2010 Texas Snow Storm. :) I love it...and the best part about it, is that WE HAVE A CONTRACT ON OUR HOME!!! We are scheduled to close on April 29th. Scott and I went to look at another possible house today for us to buy, and loved it! We put an offer in tonight, and hope to hear something back tomorrow. This process has been quite frustrating at times, but we are so happy that we're actually making progress now. Please say a prayer or two for us, that things will continue to go the way they are meant to go (even if it's not the way we want them to go--that's been the hardest part of all this).

PP Boys turned ONE!

My adorable twin nephews turned one on February 5th. We had a great time at their birthday party. Angie is clever, and did a super cute Dr. Seuss theme of Thing One, Thing Two. It was so much fun!

Jackson sporting the fun party hat!

Parker on the left, Preston on right. :)

Parker is the clean(er) one

Preston doesn't mind getting a little messy. :) So cute!