More birthday fun

We had some leftover cupcakes from Jackson's party, and let him have another try at smashing into cake on his actual birthday today. This time the frosting was chocolate, so I think that's what won him over. He also felt a little better today, which helped.


After dinner & cake, we gave Jackson a birthday present to open: his first set of Matchbox cars! He looooved them!

Time to get down on the floor and play!

Daddy's boy!

Curious Jackson's First Birthday Party

Jackson woke up sick on Saturday, the day of his party. He was not in the greatest mood, because he didn't feel well. Even so, we tried our best to have a good time with our Curious George themed party.

Not a huge fan of the messy frosting or the cake.

Jackson is ONE!!!

That's right, our baby boy is ONE! Holy moly, where did the time go? We have enjoyed watching Jackson grow up this past year. He has changed OH SO MUCH.

I remember the long nights in the hospital, when he was having a rough time learning how to breastfeed. I remember the precious moments in the kangaroo hold, trying to calm him down from frustration. I remember bringing him home in his sweet little outfit, watching his tiny hands as they scratched up his face. I remember thinking "Is Scott driving too fast?" "Is his little head safe in this huge car seat?" "Are we going to be good parents?"

And, quickly he grew up. There were bumps along the way - reflux, RSV, bonked heads (there might have been an incident with a fan), and bruises. But all in all, our angel has been just that...an ANGEL. We are blessed to have such a wonderful baby. He has a great personality, precious smiles, and infectious laughs. But he's not a baby anymore. We now have a TODDLER in our home. One that loves to eat, walk, and play. What a fun time!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACKSON SCOTT! We love you so much, and are very proud of you. We pray for many blessings as you begin your second year of life.
Mommy & Daddy


Happy Easter!!

Cutest bunny I've seen!

Mimi gave me a sweet new puppy for Easter!

Sitting on Grand-dad's lap

Love that boy!

Parker's got an Easter Basket...waaatch out!

Preston in his bunny ears.

Look at all that food that came out of those eggs! Puffs for days!

Preston is so pleased with himself, and Jackson is stuffing his face. :)

Nanna giving Jackson some sugar.

Do you want to pack me up, too?

We have too many moving boxes around for him not to play in at least one. :)

Loving the warm weather

Last week, we headed down the street to Kid Country for some fun in the warm weather. Jackson had a great time swinging, and playing at the park for the first time.

We couldn't get a good picture of his eyes open while swinging, but he had a blast. He was laughing the whole time.

Time to go down the slide!

Weeee, that was fun.

One of Jackson's favorite things to do

Jackson loves to read books. He also loves to take them ALL off the bookshelf - one by one.
Caught in the act.

End result.