This is how we found Jackson one morning - snuggling his puppy.
We thought it was sweet. :)

Fun in the Sun!

Last weekend after church, we packed our bags and headed to Nanna and PawPaw's for our first swim of the summer. Jackson had a BLAST. He loves the water, and loved running around on the deck, too. I think we're ready for Hawaii next month. :)

Ready to get in the pool

Swimming around w/ daddy

Pure Joy!!

13 months!

I took this picture the day Jackson turned 13 months (May 19th). Can you believe he is already 13 months old?!?! I CAN'T!!! He looks like a little boy in this picture, to me, and not a baby anymore.
Jackson is SO MUCH FUN! I wish I could freeze this age. But, I know I'm going to say that about a lot of different ages/stages.
He has such a fun personality, he talks up a storm, he RUNS around the house, he laughs, he plays, and he brings so much joy to our lives. I love this boy more than words!!

Ha-Ha Game

One day, recently, when we were at Scott's parents' house, we decided to play the HA-HA game. I'm not sure how many people are familiar with this game, but I haven't laughed this hard in a long, long time. It felt wonderful. :)

Piano Man

Jackson LOVES to play the piano. The piano is one of the first things he runs to at Amy's house when I drop him off in the mornings. And, it's one of the first things he runs to at Mimi & Grand-dad's house. Here are a few pictures of his master skills.

Jackson's First Haircut

A week after Jackson's first birthday, he got his first haircut! And with his first haircut, came his first lollipop. I think he might like to have his hair cut more often! :)

Before his first haircut
"What are you about to do to me?"

Such a good boy!


I know she looks intense, but she was really nice! :)