15 months!!

Last week, Jackson turned 15 months old! He is SO MUCH FUN, and I am enjoying every single second I get to spend with him. We went to the doctor last Friday, and he is doing great. He's ahead of schedule on his developmental milestones, and he is growing big and strong.
Here are his stats: 31.5 inches long, 26 lbs 6.5 ounces (WHOA!)

Jackson is a chatter box, and talks up a storm. Some of his most frequently spoken words include:
Puppy (all time favorite word and favorite obsession ever. this kid LOVES dogs!)
Truck (he says "cuck")
Clock & Tic Tock
(he likes to say this when we're watching the Rangers)
Don't! (this one just started recently)
I did it!
(gross, i know...but he actually says this word sometimes before he goes poo-poo in his diaper!)
Cookie (he likes to ask for a cookie after dinner every single night. haha.)
Thank you

Amy (he LOVES going to Amy's house everyday during the week to play with Leah (Ee-ah), Logan (Ogan), Ryan (Iyan), and Amy (he says this one clearly))

We are having so much fun with him, and can't wait to see how much he learns in the next 3 months. His 18 month check-up will be here before we know it!

Going Bonkers!

A couple Sundays ago, we headed to Going Bonkers near the Vista Ridge Mall. It's a huge indoor playground with several climbing/crawling structures for kids. Jackson is still a bit young to fully enjoy it, but he had fun for about 30 minutes, playing in the toddler area. It was really noisy inside, and he wasn't too sure about it at first. Once he warmed up to it, I think he got in a few smiles and maybe a laugh or two.
Playing w/ mommy

Not too sure about this girl. She kept getting all in his face, and he was not a fan.

On to the next adventure!

P squared

Preston, Parker, Aunt G, and Uncle Rodney came over for a play date a few weekends ago. We ordered some yummy food, and had fun hanging out. I didn't get many pictures, but I did snap a few of P squared in our ball pit.

Parker having fun w/ his brother in the ball pit. And of course with the remote control in hand!

Love the look on Preston's face!


Quick Feet

Scott taught Jackson how to do "quick feet." You know, the football drill? I think "quick feet" is an Echols family thing, because I remember Luke doing it when he was a toddler, and it was just as funny then! I need to ask about the back-story on this.



Hawaii 2010

Playing in the float, in our hotel room. :)

Thought his shirt was too cute.

My sweet baby boy!

The Echols family women

My handsome boys

He had a blast playing in this puddle.
This shot was taken moments after he crashed & burned. :)

My nephew, Luke. So handsome.

I love this man!