Movie Night w/ Cousins

Preston & Parker came over to our house on Sunday, and we had so much fun.  We played cars & trains, we had dinner, and then we all watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  It was such a fun night with all the cousins together.

Each boy got their own cup full of popcorn.

Enjoying popcorn on the couch.

Old school cartoon movies are great.  The boys started to lose interest pretty quickly, though.  I think they prefer the new-school shows.  :)

Making memories together...sooo precious. 

Crafty Child

Jackson and I have been having a lot of fun lately making crafts, coloring pictures, baking brownies, etc.  It's been a lot of fun for both of us!

We made marshmallow snowmen the other day.  Jackson was sneaking a marshmallow into his mouth every single chance he could get.  He even tried to take them off his paper AFTER he glued them down, to eat them.  Ha!  What a nut!

Tonight, he had a blast putting pony beads on pipe cleaners.  He then decided he needed to take them all out of the cup, and line them up one by one in a straight line on the table.  If one of them would get bumped out of line, he started whining "Mommy!  It messed up!  I messed it up!!"  Oh boy, I think we have a perfectionist on our hands.


First Pinterest Craft Project

Along with many other people, I have developed a Pinterest obsession. I mostly use this to my advantage when cooking in the kitchen.  Recently, I've branched out from my recipe boards into the craft space. My first Pinterest craft was this cutesy Christmas card holder wreath.  It didn't turn out as awesome as the original picture looked, (my circle isn't exactly perfect), but I still think it's cute!  I'm excited for more Christmas cards to roll in, so I can fill it up!  I just ordered ours yesterday...a little late this year!


Another first

We went to the mall tonight to do a quick bit of Christmas shopping.  While we were there, Jackson had another first.

And yes, this was his first time on Santa's lap.  We are terrible parents and didn't take him to see Santa for his first 2 years.  Shhhh...he'll never know!  The first time on Santa's lap was a huge success.  We were playing at the play area, and I asked him if he wanted to go see Santa.  He emphatically said "Yes!"  Couldn't turn that down...so off we went.  

He asked Santa for a puppy this year.  Uh oh!


I kind of jumped the gun w/ my Christmas time post...and forgot I needed to post pictures from Thanksgiving.

Jackson was actually interested in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade this year.  It was so fun to look for all the character balloons together.  He would get so excited when he saw something he was familiar with.

We had Thanksgiving at my sister's house this year.  This is a picture of my second cousins Wade & Kyle (twins) & their sister Julie w/ Jackson, Preston & Parker.  IMPOSSIBLE to get them all to look.  :)

Me & Julie

Me & Cousin Mary

Mom & Dad

Rodney taking his nap.  He decided at the start of the day that he was going to eat every 3 hours, and have a nap in between feeding #1 and feeding #2.  He pretty much stuck to it for the most part.  Hilarious.


Watching cartoons to settle down before nap time.

Best.Sister.Ever.  Seriously.

I made a pumpkin roll for dessert.

My mom's homemade chocolate pie.

And her homemade refrigerator brownies.  These suckers are sinful!

There was pumpkin pie too.  I also forgot to take a picture of the 23 pound bird my sister cooked.  Quite impressive!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a great time with our families over the long weekend!!

Christmas time is here!

It has been so fun decorating for Christmas this year, because Jackson is at the age where he wants to help, and really get into it.  It is so much more fun to share in his joy and excitement!

Scott collected nutcrackers when he was growing up.  Scott's mom saved all of them for him over the years, and handed them over this year for us to have.  This isn't even all of them.  We had to get rid of some of them because we don't have any room, or some of them broke.  Some of them are too scary for me!  I am a little weirded out by things like clowns, dolls, and the like.  Nutcrackers are right on the line.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat afraid of these suckers, but it's pretty cool that Scott collected them all those years!  We have to display them!  I just keep thinking I'm going to have a nightmare about nutcrackers.  Haha!  I'm a weirdo.

Jackson helping daddy put the spire on the top of the tree.  Precious moment.


Tents & Forts

Stools + kitchen chairs + spare sets of sheets = fun for hours!
These are pictures from Jackson's first tent/fort of his very own.  To say he had fun would be an understatement.

The leaves are falling

I love when the leaves change from green, to yellow, to radiant orange, sometimes red, to brown, and then fall to the ground.  It has been GORGEOUS driving in our neighborhood with the leaves changing and falling all around us.  Lucky for us, we have several large trees, and never a shortage of leaves covering our yard.  Jackson and I headed outside while daddy was raking the leaves, and enjoyed a good hour of romping around in them!  What joy to experience life through a 2 year old's eyes.  I remember when my dad used to rake the leaves for us, and let us run and jump around in them.  It was so much fun back then, but even more so now that I get to do it with my own son.  

Thank you, Jesus, for the small things.  For the simple blessings.  
Please open our eyes, that we may notice them everyday and give thanks.


Tiny Prints

I was reading one of my favorite blogs full of party and entertaining ideas, when I came across a promotion from Tiny Prints for 50 free Christmas Cards!  What a huge blessing that is!  Scott and I were thinking about saving some money this year, and foregoing Christmas Cards, but this offer is too good to pass up.  Now we just need to have a photo shoot with our little man.

Tiny prints has an awesome photo card selection.  One of my favorites is this Joy to the World card. 

So simple & so pretty. I love the silver and red combination, and the minimalistic approach of this card: one single photo with the words to one of my favorite Christmas songs "Joy to the World!"  There are so many great options to choose from, though.  I'm going to have to spend some time looking through them all.  If you haven't already ordered your Christmas Cards for 2011, then I highly encourage you to go check out the great selection at Tiny Prints!


Mr. Independent

We are grateful to have a little park right down the street in our neighborhood.  We can literally walk to it, but a lot of times we are lazy and get in the car to drive the 1/4 of a mile down to the park.  We were soaking up some of the last beautiful weather days before the cold front hit, and headed to the park.  It really hit me this time, that Jackson is becoming such an independent and grown up kid.  When we were at the park this day, he did all of the climbing activities for the first time without my help.  I was so proud!

This ladder doesn't look that big of a deal, but the spaces in between the rungs are so big that he never wanted to do it before.  He was always afraid he'd fall through.  Not anymore...he can't get enough climbing in on this thing.

He is swinging on the BIG swings now, instead of the baby swing.

Climbing up this swirly thingy all by himself.

I just think these trees, and the area surrounding the park is so beautiful.

My little man LOVES the park!

Halloween 2011. The year of the meltdown.

I took these cuties to Mrs. Lanette's house so Jackson and his buddies could have a healthy Halloween snack, instead of junk food or candy.

After I got home from work on Halloween, we attempted to get Jackson dressed in his Lightning McQueen costume so we could go see Mimi & Grand-dad.  Jackson had the biggest meltdown ever, and started screaming "I don't want to wear that!  I don't want it on my body!!"  After forcing it on him, and him crying so hard he could literally not breathe, I decided it wasn't worth it.  We improvised at the last minute, and he went out as a Texas Tech football player.  We headed to Mimi & Grand-dad's to trick or treat, and say hello.  I don't have any pictures of our time at their house on my phone.  I'll have to get them from Scott soon, and upload them.

Later that evening, we went to Nanna's house to celebrate my sister's birthday and to go trick or treating.  My nephews were dressed up as Elvis, and it was hysterical.  

When we got home from Nanna's, there were still kids trick or treating in our neighborhood, so we let Jackson go to a few more houses.  

And this is the perfect picture to sum up the night.  Little stinker was pointing to his "should have been" costume, saying..."I don't want that!"  
(And yes, he picked it out at the store himself.  Gotta love those 2 year old mood swings.)

Future tree climber

Jackson likes to ask Scott to put him up in the tree, just about every time we are outside.  He also is a huge fan of climbing on anything and everything these days.  Climb, climb, climb!  I have a feeling it won't be too many years from now when Jackson's favorite thing to do is climb those huge trees in our backyard.