Corn on the cob is yummy

The other night, I gave Jackson his first corn on the cob to eat on his very own. After finishing the entire cob, he proceeded to eat a second. Enjoy!

Jackson's 2nd Birthday Party

dessert table

delicious cupcakes made by Nanna

Mmm goodies

Jackson's thank you gift to his little buddies included a conductor's hat, a train whistle, and a red bandana

"whatcha got there Grand-dad?"

Sweet Tucker & his daddy

Jackson's best buddies Logan & Leah

Sweet Kelson & his mommy (and baby Mueller in belly!) :)

Jacqueline (w/ baby Landon in tummy), Jill, Courtney, & Scott

Nanna & Parker eating some yummy pizza

Uncle Rodney, PawPaw, and Mary

just finished singing Happy Birthday, and ready to plow into that cupcake

sweet friends Mary, Jacqueline, and Courtney
we have all grown up together over the years, and it is so much fun to now see our little ones growing up together!


two incredible years

Our little boy turned two today. Two whole years of love, excitement, personality, and endless blessings. I am having trouble finding the words to explain the amount of joy I receive from being the mommy of this little one. I get to wake him up every single morning, and I get to feel him reach out his arms to hug my neck. I get to hold him close, and tell him I love him. I get to whisper in his ears how precious he is to me. I get to spend time with him during the day, and then I get to tuck his sweet body into bed at night. I don't want this time to go by too quickly. It already seems as if it does. 2 years. He is already 2 years old. He is not a baby anymore. He is a fun, spirited, playful little boy. He is compassionate, yet he is feisty. He is tender, yet so tough. He is amazing, and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that God chose me to be his mommy.

Jackson Scott Echols, I love you more than I can put into words. You teach me new things every single day. You make me a better person. You make me smile, and you make me laugh, and although sometimes you make me sad, you are quick to apologize. You are so precious to me, and I cherish every second we have together. I am excited to see the little boy you will grow up to become. I am so proud of you, sweet boy. Every single day. Happy Birthday, little man. I hope you had a special day, because you deserve it!


Jacqueline's Baby Shower

One of my best friends from high school, Jacqueline, is expecting a baby on June 2nd. I am BEYOND excited for her, as she awaits the arrival of Landon Michael Tapella! A few of us were so happy to throw her a shower last weekend. It was a ton of fun! I cannot wait to meet sweet Landon in a little over a month!

I wish I had an image of the invitation we sent out....because the sweet, and talented Jan Williams made Jacqueline the exact outfit that the pregnant girl on the invitation was wearing. It was ADORABLE!!

Robin (Jacqueline's mom) guessing her tummy size

Not only does Jan make dresses, but she makes cakes, too! Isn't this cake amazing?!?!

Modeling her new Vera Bradley diaper bag. :)

Julie Peterson made Jacqueline this awesome diaper cake.

Mom and Dad To Be :)

All of the hostesses with the beautiful mommy-to-be!

Jacqueline - you are GORGEOUS! You are a glowing pregnant woman, and I have so enjoyed watching your belly grow over the months. You and Travis are going to be incredible parents! I am so excited to watch you both grow into your new roles together.
I cannot wait to meet sweet Landon, and shower him with love! I've told you before, and I'll tell you again...PLEASE CALL ME TO BABYSIT! :)
I am so excited for you, girl! Love you!!


Roly Poly

While playing outside today, we discovered several different bugs. Jackson was enthralled with the roly poly, and wanted to look for more the rest of the time. We found this little guy, and tried to get Jackson to hold him. My favorite part is at the end when he doesn't want to hold it. Instead, he tells the bug "night night" and tries to cover it up with the toilet paper as a blanket. Ha! I love the way children's minds work!

Enjoying the beautiful weather

We have SO enjoyed the weather the last few days. Jackson loves being outdoors, so we are taking advantage of it before it gets way too hot. My favorite part about these pictures: the pajama top w/ the athletic shorts. Not stylin' by any means...but this is what you wear when your child wants to go outside "NOW!" :)

My handsome little boy

Wearing his first pair of flip flops. When Jackson says it, it is hilarious...sounds like "flip flopTH"

Mom...why do you have to take SO MANY pictures of me?!

He's not a baby anymore! :(


Rough month

The past few weeks have been a bit rough around here. Nothing too life altering, but it has taken a bit of a toll on us.

Scott got into a car wreck last week. Nothing serious. His car is in the body shop. We have insurance, and I am thankful for it.

Scott and I both got into another car wreck last night. This was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. The camel being Jenny Echols. Last night, I was emotionally spent. On top of the whip lash/sore neck/sore back/headaches from being rear ended extremely hard at a red light, I just felt emotionally exhausted. I know things could be a lot worse for us right now. They could be a WHOLE.LOT.WORSE. But I just really feel spent. Seriously, 2 car wrecks in 2 weeks, with 2 different cars. Wha?! And the financial aspect that comes along with that, is a little frustrating as well. I am praying the lady who hit us last night has insurance. It was a little questionable when we were talking with her last night. She did not have an insurance card with her. She ended up calling someone who provided a policy number, and insurance company name. But the story was a little fishy. I am trying to stay positive.

I know we are blessed. I know God was, and is, watching over us, and protecting us, and I know that His plan is far greater than any I could conceive. I am BEYOND THANKFUL that Jackson was not in the car for either car accident. I do not even want to know what he would be dealing with, physically, if he was in the car last night. We were hit very hard. I am soooo grateful that he was not with us. That, in itself, is a HUGE blessing!

So tonight, instead of focusing on the frustrations of the past month, I choose to thank God for the blessings and moments of grace. And my prayer is that I will continue to do so, even if next month is just as "rough".