Fun dates!

My sister kept Jackson for us one night while Scott and I went on a date. Angie & Rodney got us a gift card to Houston's restaurant, so we headed there for a nice dinner, and one of the most fun nights I've had with Scott in awhile. Thank you so much to Angie & Rodney for their generosity, and making that fun date night possible! I am truly blessed with an incredible sister & brother-in-law!

One afternoon, I took Jackson on a frozen yogurt date. We headed to Cherry On Top in Coppell, and got Jackson his very own cup of peach yogurt with strawberries and bananas on top. He loved it, and I had such a great time with my little man. I enjoy spending time with him one-on-one, and I cherish every single memory we make. He is such a fun & handsome date! I'm one blessed mommy!

Last night, my sister and I had a date! We left the kiddos at home with our husbands, and headed to the movies to see Bridesmaids. It was so great to spend some girl-time with my sister, just the two of us. We spent a lot of time catching up and laughing our heads off. It was a pretty perfect night. I sure do love my sister!

Grapevine Mills

One of Jackson's favorite things to do is go to Grapevine Mills Mall & ride the trackless train and carousel. Nanna started taking him there every week when she used to keep him on Wednesdays. Every time Jackson sees Nanna, he always says "train! and horsies! and alligator!" There is an alligator out in front of Rainforest Cafe, and he always wants to go watch it "rawwwwrr". :) A couple of weeks ago, while daddy was playing golf, Jackson and I headed up to the mall to enjoy some fun.

taking a train ride

riding the "horsies"

We love the outdoors!

Jackson @ his favorite park - The Duck Pond


Jackson with sweet, sweet, Amy! He sure does miss going to her house during the week.
We love you & miss you guys!! Excited to have another park play date soon!

Jackson and I were playing outside one day while daddy was playing golf. Jackson missed daddy, and wanted to send him a picture message. :)

I wish I had taken more pictures on mother's day. This is seriously the only shot I got while the 3 boys were playing outside, as we waited for a table at breakfast.


big boy bed

Jackson is no longer sleeping in a crib. On Saturday, we made the transition from his crib to a twin bed. Jackson's crib was a drop-side crib, and we should have gotten rid of it a long time ago due to all the recalls. But we decided it was safe enough (ha!), and held onto it until it was time for Jackson to move into a big bed. We decided that time was now, and bought him a twin bed this weekend. Jackson was a champ. I was a little nervous at first, because he decided he wanted to jump in his bed as soon as he saw it. I thought surely he would be jumping in his bed all night long. But we kept the bedtime ritual the same, and he stayed in his bed until he fell asleep. He slept all through the night, woke up at his usual time, and stayed in bed chatting to himself until I got him out. I was one proud momma! So far, the success is continuing. We LOVE our big boy bed!

Enjoy the video of his first moments in his bed. My favorite part is about half way through. :)


Easter was a lot of fun this year! Jackson is beginning to understand bits and pieces about Jesus, and what He means to us, and the sacrifice He made for us. We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with both sides of the family. We started off with 8 am mass, followed by brunch at my sister's house. We had an Easter Egg Hunt w/ Parker and Preston, and then headed home for a nap. After Jackson woke up from his nap, we headed to Mimi & Grand-dad's for another hunt, and some yummy dinner. Here are a few pics from the day. We took a loooong video of his hunt w/ the twins, but I'll have to edit before posting. Hopefully I will get around to it sometime. :)

Look at all those eggs!!
"Look! Look! Right here!"

Jackson & Aunt Kari

Jackson w/ Mimi & Grand-dad

The three cousins, showing off their loot!
From left to right: Jackson, Parker, and Preston

We love dance parties

Who says you can't have dance parties with boys?
On Easter, we had a fun little dance party at Aunt G's house with Preston and Parker.
It was so funny to see all three boys dancing away, and each one's different dance moves.
My mom's moves are pretty sweet, too. :)

Power wheel

Jackson also got a cool gift from Nanna & PawPaw. Here is a quick clip of Jackson on his new power wheel. He's having a bit of trouble learning to ride it. On all his other bikes/cars/toys, he puts his feet down to stop. He doesn't realize quite yet that all he has to do is stop pressing the "go" button, and it will stop on its own.


Jackson got a really special gift for his birthday. Grand-dad made this incredible rocking horse especially for Jackson. This picture is great, but it doesn't even do it complete justice. The intricate details on this rocking horse are incredible. Jackson loves to ride "horsey". The horse does not have an official name yet. Maybe in a few more months Jackson will be old enough to understand naming things. For now, it is "horsey". :)

This horse will be special for generations to come. Thank you, grand-dad for the special gift!