WL Status - Week 2

Week 1 - Lost 2.2 lbs
Week 2 - Lost 2.6 lbs
Total Loss To Date - 4.8 lbs

This week wasn't any harder than the first week. I have been eating well, working out when I have the time, and not depriving myself of the things I want. An example of this: Last night we ate Freebirds for dinner. This is easily a place you could go overboard and eat way too much. I ate half of my burrito, and was sure to fill it up with healthy choices only. I also had a few bites of Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt before bed, just because I needed something a little sweet. :)


Book Review

I really enjoyed the book Naturally Thin, by Bethenny Frankel, and thought her principles were common sense and a great reminder. I'm going to summarize her 10 rules to becoming naturally thin. If anyone is looking to lose a few pounds, or just start eating better, I highly recommend reading this book.

The ten rules are:

1. Your Diet is a Bank Account
This is the guiding principle around all other rules. Basically, just balance your food choices throughout your day so that you aren't eating too much of one thing during the day. Example: if you have a meal for breakfast that is mostly carb-filled (cereal), make sure you have some lunch with protein/greens/veggies included. Continue to do this throughout your day w/ snack choices, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the end of your day it should be a pretty balanced day.

2. You Can Have It All, Just Not All At Once
You can have whatever you want to eat. You should eat a variety of things and make your food as nutritious as possible. But you can still pick the one or two things you really want. (Example: instead of having pizza, dessert, and a glass of wine or a light beer...have a salad, a slice of pizza and a glass of wine or beer. Skip the ice cream. Or have soup, salad, and dessert.)

3. Taste Everything, Eat Nothing
This rule really doesn't mean don't eat anything. Basically, if you are faced with a lot of good food choices, and aren't sure what to eat..sample a little of everything, just don't eat all of everything. You should stop eating before you get yourself into trouble. A little taste of everything will not get you into trouble.

4. Pay Attention
Make sure you pay attention to what you are eating. Sit down, pay attention, look at your food, and realize what you are putting into your body. When you eat standing up, on the go, in the car, etc....you are less likely to make wise food choices, because you aren't paying attention to what is going into your body.

5. Downsize Now!
Bethenny suggests eating your meals from salad plates instead of large dinner plates. The size of the dinner plate is far too big to be filled full of the food we eat. A salad plate is more the right size for the amount of food we should be eating per meal. The same goes for a bowl of ice cream. Don't fill up a huge cereal bowl full of ice cream. A ramekin or small bowl is about the right size portion.

6. Cancel Your Membership in the Clean Plate Club
It is not necessary to finish everything on your plate, just because it is there. Share your food, save part of it for a later meal, or just leave it there.

7. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Basically, this rule is about binge eating. If you do it, stop. That's about the gist of this one.

8. Know Thyself
Some people can have 3 meals a day, and be satisfied. Some need to eat snacks in between meals to curb hunger, and keep from overeating at meals. Some people have a weakness for sugar, and others love pasta. Reframe your habits, keeping in mind the things you love or the things you have a weakness for. Don't deprive yourself of the things you love, but don't overdo it, either. And eat as often as your body needs to, just eating healthier and smaller portions.

9. Get Real
In this section, she recommends eating organic, when possible. Try not to eat processed food, or cut back as much as possible. Eat real, fresh fruits, veggies, meats, grains, etc.

10. Good for You
Every habit you change should come from a place of loving and caring for yourself. Let yourself be guided by what is good for you, ahead of anything else.


The time is now

At the end of 2010, I started to brainstorm my goals for 2011. I didn't want to make too many unrealistic resolutions, too many agressive goals, too many things to acheive that I know I don't have the time to do. It's already tricky trying to manage working, cooking healthy meals for my family, laundry, cleaning up after meals/dishes/etc, working out, and of course spending quality time with my boys, our families, and our friends. Life is full, and we are blessed. That being said, there isn't a whole lot of time left in the day for extras. So after some thought and prayer, it became obvious what my 2 goals for 2011 would be:

1. Run a 1/2 marathon - Completed in March

2. Lose 20 lbs. - Not completed

I knew that I didn't want to focus too much on my food intake while training for the 1/2 marathon. I was hungry all of the time from running so much, that I just basically ate what I wanted, when I was hungry. During my training for the 1/2 marathon, I didn't lose a single pound. Unfair, huh? Oh well...I got over it. :) I was able to accomplish a goal on my list, and check it off. And for that I am proud, and thankful to God for the strength, energy, motivation, and encouragement to complete such a big goal.

Now is the time to focus on goal #2. I was pretty much in shape when Scott and I got married in August 2008. I had finally gotten to a place where I was comfortable in my skin, in my body, in my clothes, and overall just felt good about what I ate, how I worked out, etc. Wellll....as you all know, it didn't take long until I got pregnant (literally days after our wedding), and there went that in-shape body that I enjoyed for a few months. I miss the way I felt then. Not just the way I looked, but the way I had energy and felt healthy. It's time to get back to that place.

Last Wednesday, I just decided...it's time. No more waiting. No more excuses. This is my life. I need to be healthy for myself, for my family, for my child(ren - one day?). I need to set examples for them: how to eat healthy, how to be active, and how to be happy with who you are: mind, body, and spirit.

It's been a week, and I can already tell a difference in the way I feel. I've lost 2.2 lbs, which isn't a whole lot, but it's a start. I'm not doing any fad diets. I'm not starving myself. I am making healthy choices, eating smaller portions, balancing my carb/protein intake, eating more greens, and drinking a lot of water. My sister let me borrow Bethenney Frankel's book, Naturally Thin. She has 10 rules to becomming naturally thin, and really all of them are common sense. I may do a separate post on that soon, because although it was common sense, I really enjoyed reading them and reading her insights and reminders.

I will be posting a weekly progress on the blog for reaching my goal, just like I did during my 1/2 marathon training. I need to do this for 2 reasons: I want to be able to look back and see how this journey went. What moments were difficult? What worked, and what didn't? I also really need the accountability to reach this goal.

So here I go...on my journey to lose 20 lbs.

Lord God, please bless and watch over me as I begin this journey. Help me to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Let my body be Your temple. Give me the courage to take better care of myself and fuel my body, to the honor of Your name. Amen.


Making faces

Happy face.

Mean face.

Surprised face.

Cheese face.

Grrrr face.

Sad face.

Fun with The Davis Family!

We just love hanging out with The Davis Family. Jackson got so close to them while he was staying with them during the week. He definitely misses playing with his buddies, but we still try to get together as often as we can. It's so great to have such wonderful family living so close, and for Jackson to be able to grow up with his cousins.

Amy's basketball action shot!

Logan is one of the funniest little boys I've ever met. And look at that super cute face!!

Leah is absolutely beautiful, and has such a sweet, motherly nature about her.

Jackson trying to blow bubbles. He ends up spilling more bubbles than blowing them, but it's all good. :)

Ryan's action shot. :)

We can't wait to get together again, sweet Davis Family!

Garage remodel

My parents just remodeled their garage. When I was younger, my dad built a bedroom in the garage for my sister, so we didn't have to share a room when she was in high school. My grandmother always lived with us, so we ran out of bedrooms growing up...and my sister and I shared a room for most of our time growing up together. It might sound horrible, but honestly, I don't even remember caring that we shared a room.

After Angie left for college, my dad used the room as his office. I had my own room, and my grandmother was in the other back bedroom. Last year, my grandmother passed away and went to live for eternity with our heavenly Father! After she passed, my mom converted her room into an office for my dad. Since the garage room was no longer needed, they tore it down, and remodeled the space to an actual garage! I cannot ever remember the garage looking this open, empty, and AMAZING in all my years growing up. It's even air conditioned! A must-have for working in the garage in this awful Texas summer heat. What an awesome space for my dad to have! Check out the picture of the finished garage with their little helper included:

Rise & Shine!

We were excited to watch Preston & Parker overnight a few weeks ago. :)
How could you not love waking up to these 3 angels!?

Nanna & PawPaw

A few weeks ago, Nanna & PawPaw took Jackson out for some frozen yogurt. They had a great time together! How blessed we are to live in the same city as both sets of grandparents. Lots of love to go around!

We love Bass Pro Shop!

Jackson really enjoys spending time at Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine. We are so lucky we live so close to a fun adventure for him. It's a great place to take him in the summer to get out of the house, but still stay indoors. You guys, it was 103 degrees yesterday IN THE SHADE! That's way too hot!!

Checking out the fishies!

Well hello there Mr. Buffalo!


John 16:33

"I have told you this so that you might have peace in me.
In the world you will have trouble,
but take courage, I have conquered the world.”
John 16:33

2011 has been an interesting year so far. There have been many blessings. There have been many trials. There have been many frustrating times, and many times filled with sorrow. There have also been many times full of joy. More than anything this year, I have been presented with opportunities to grow: in my faith, in my prayer life, in my relationships with family, friends, and Jesus!, and in the constant reminder that I am not in control, rather my God is the only one who could ever be in control of my life, and the life of those around me.

I have so many things I want to blog about, but lately there just hasn't been time. I will catch up soon, but until then...I just wanted to share this verse. This verse sums up a lot of what I've been learning this year. Life on Earth is filled with countless blessings, freely given to us by our Lord. But, life is also full of sorrow. Full of troubled times. Really difficult ones. Even then, even when the world feels like it is caving in, we have the knowledge that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has come to save us from this place. To save us from this sin. To save us from the hurt, the pain, the sorrow. To allow us the honor to be in heaven with him one day. To see him face to face. Oh what a glorious day that will be!!!