WLS - Week 10

Week 10 Loss - .8 lbs
Total Loss to Date - 7.9 lbs

It's been a good week. The only thing I would mention this week, is that after listening to several Jillian Michaels podcasts (my newest favorite thing!), I have decided to start buying some grocery items organic. Meats, milk, eggs, and some fruits and veggies are now on my list for organic purchases. I think I'll do a separate post about this sometime.

Oh, and a great resource I've been using to keep tabs on my food intake is fitday.com. It truly is a wonderful resource. There is a database of foods that you can search, and add to your daily food log. There is a place for entering your daily activity / calories burned. It automatically charts your nutritional intake and needs, based on what you've eaten for the day (vitamins, iron, etc.). Overall, a great resource that is FREE and pretty easy to use. I highly recommend it! There is also an iPhone app for using when you're on the go, and still want to track. Love it!

I hope everyone has a great week!


A must read

This book is incredible. I'm sure, by now, most readers have already read this book. But for those of you that haven't, I encourage you to do so. And after you read the book, go see the movie. The movie was one of the few that actually follow the book very closely. There are a few minor differences, but not enough to matter.

I saw the movie last night, and I was touched. I was touched when I read the book, but the movie just made it more alive and real to me. It was heart breaking, it was hilarious in parts, and it was just plain wonderful.

The interesting dynamic for me, was that I was sitting in a movie theater that was full of predominately white people. However, the couple sitting to my left was black. They were extremely nice people. We smiled to one another as I sat down. They were talking out loud to the screen, and to one another, as the movie went on. This would normally irritate me, but for some reason, this time, I didn't mind. The whole time we were watching the movie, I just kept thinking how (not that long ago) it would have been impossible for me to sit next to a black woman in the movie theater. I may, or may not, have wanted to sit next to a black woman in a theater. That thought right there is scary. Would I have been like the rest of the caddy white women who treated their maids like trash, or would I have taken a stand and treated them just like they should be - as normal people. As humans. I would like to think I would have done the right thing, the thing I would do now...but I guess you never know unless you are in that time and day.

I, of course, cried many times during the movie. I wanted to reach right into the movie screen and hug those women, the maids who put up with far too much. The maids who loved those babies as their own. And after I hugged them, I wanted to turn to my left and hug the woman sitting next to me. I wanted to tell her how happy I was that we were able to sit next to each other and watch this movie together. I wanted to know what emotions she was experiencing as she watched this. I wanted to apologize for all of the awful things white men and women had done to black women during that time period.

Whew, what an emotional ride, and what an incredible book and movie.
I highly recommend both!


WL Status - Week 9

Week 9 Loss - .9 lbs
Total Loss to Date - 7.1 lbs

I had some sort of stomach bug from Monday through Saturday of last week. It was off and on throughout the week, and extremely weird. Praise the Lord, I feel back to normal now! I started getting back into the workout routine on Sunday, and it felt good to sweat again.

3 more lbs, and I'm halfway to my goal!


WL Status - Week 8

Week 8 Loss - 1.4 lbs
Loss to Date - 6.2 lbs

Eating pretty well, working out hard, and enjoying life. :) One word about working out: If I had more time to do it, I would. I have been working out at least 5 days a week, but my workouts aren't as long as I'd like them to be. Ideally, I'd love to spend an hour and a half at the gym several days a week. With so many other responsibilities, that just isn't going to work. So I squeeze in my workouts...45 minutes at the gym one day, 40 minute workout DVD another day, a night time run (to avoid heat stroke!) w/ free weights and abs, etc. Jillian Michaels has some great DVDs out there that are just perfect for my lack of time. Her DVDs are always high intensity, no resting, circuit workouts, and HARD. I've been doing her 30 day shred, yoga, and ab DVDs, and they are no walk in the park. So sore!


Lots of fun coming up!

The next month and a half is packed full of lots of fun!

Next weekend, one of my best friends from college, Rebecca, is meeting up with me in Ft. Worth for a girl's weekend. There are so many reasons why I am excited about this. First of all, I have not seen her since her sweet baby girl, Tally, was about a month old. Tally is about to be 1 in a few weeks. It has been WAY.TOO.LONG. Second of all, I have not gone on a girl's weekend since I've been married and had Jackson. I have major guilt issues, being away from my boys for a whole weekend, yet I know that it is going to be so good for me. I am still going to feel bad, because that's who I am, but I am also still SO EXCITED about this. We are staying at The Omni in Ft. Worth, and plan on having a lot of fun. We are hitting up the spa, we are going to lay out by the rooftop pool. We are going to eat yummy food, drink some wine, laugh, cry, and have a blast. I am beyond excited!

The following weekend, Jacqueline and Travis are celebrating the baptism of their son, Landon. We are so honored to have been asked by them to be Landon's Godparents. What an amazing honor this is! I am looking forward to standing by this sweet family's side, and witness this amazing sacrament. How exciting it will be to watch him grow over the years, in his relationship with the Lord.

The rest of August includes birthday parties, more birthday parties, and preparing for our trip in September. Which brings me to...

OUR TRIP IN SEPTEMBER!!! Oh my goodness I am so excited about this. Scott and I will have 4 nights, and 5 days alone. Together. Sleeping in, catching rays..oh I think I've talked about this before on this blog. I'm just so excited about it, and it's SO CLOSE! Wahoo for our first real trip alone since our Honeymoon!

After we get back from vacation, we return the babysitting favor, and watch our precious nephews while my sister & brother-in-law head to Napa Valley. I'm so excited for them to be able to enjoy a nice romantic trip in the wine country. It is SO beautiful there, and I cannot wait until Scott and I can go together. I went while I was in high school, with my parents, so I wasn't of-age and able to enjoy the wine tastings, and the full experience. One day!

THEN...the next weekend we are headed to Lake Texoma for the Colwell Cousins Reunion. We are renting a cabin on the lake with the rest of the Colwell Cousins, and are sure to have an exciting fun-filled weekend on the lake. The Colwells are Scott's family on his mom's side. All of the cousins decided to get together and bring their families to the lake to meet those they haven't met before, and catch up with those they haven't seen in awhile. What a great idea! I'm excited to meet new people, and develop deeper relationships with the ones I've already met. I'm sure Jackson is going to be ecstatic playing with his best buds Logan & Leah as well. And he gets to meet some new cousins, too!

What an exciting couple of months we have ahead of us!



Train ride w/ Nanna

My nephews are rock stars

Seriously, I don't know if they can be any cuter!



Sea Life Aquarium

A new aquarium opened up at Grapevine Mills Mall, so we had to go check it out. I ended up buying a year pass, because Jackson is free until he turns 3, and the pass has already paid for itself - we've only gone twice. The lines are crazy at this place, and if you have a year pass, you get to go in a shorter line. It is definitely worth it.

The aquarium is definitely nothing like the Dallas World Aquarium, but it is a cute little aquarium with plenty of fish to keep a toddler interested for long enough.


Sting Rays

A dark picture of cousins Luke & Jackson

Luke got to hold a starfish

A trip to G-Vine Mills wouldn't be complete without a train ride. :)
Thanks for going with us, Luke! We had a great time!

Loving the pool

Dance Dance Dance!

Random pictures

Some random pictures I've taken over the past month:

Dominoes is a new favorite game of Jackson's

He loves his sticker book, that helps him learn letters, numbers, and how to spell.

Cheese face

Watching fireworks for the first time on 4th of July weekend

Feeding monkey a little Kashi cereal - monkeys get hungry, too!

Posing on his bike

B-ball w/ daddy

I love my sweet boy!


WL Status - Week 7

Week 7 GAIN! - 1.6 lbs
Total Loss to Date - 4.8 lbs

I really didn't want to weigh myself this morning. Last night, Scott and I had an anniversary celebration FEAST at The Melting Pot. Endless amounts of fondue, a 4 course meal consisting of cheese, bread, salad, meat-fest, sauces, and not to forget chocolate heaven! I am still full from last night. Boo on the gain, but it was still fun to celebrate.

My workouts have been great and consistent. My clothes are fitting looser. I can fit back into my 1 pair of designer jeans. They are tight-fitting, but I don't have to wrestle to get them zipped up, and I don't have a "muffin top" while wearing them. I think that is a small success. :)

Gotta stay motivated this week and get back on track. Funny how one day of not eating well can cause so much damage. Can't let it keep me down...must get moving again. Next week, the first line of my post will say LOSS. Deal.