WL Status Week 13 & 14

Week 13/14 Loss: 1.1 lbs
Total Loss To Date: 8.4 lbs

Scott and I have been a lot more relaxed about what we've been eating since we returned from vacation. I think we have been in the vacation slump. So, I'm honestly surprised I lost any weight the last couple of weeks. I'll take it, although it's time to return to making healthy choices more consistently.



Last night, Jackson said a few things that made me laugh out loud. I need to start recording these in a book so we have these memories written down forever. Scott's mom wrote down all of the funny things her children said, and sometimes brings the book out when we are all gathered around the dining room table for dinner. It is so funny to hear the things they all said when they were little. I love this idea, and should have started it a year ago!

Anywho...last night:

Jackson loves to listen to music and dance. He asked me to put on the "mu-gsic", and turn it on the Jingle Spit song. I cracked up laughing! He really likes to dance to John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. But apparently the song is titled Jingle Spit. :)

After dinner, since Jackson ate his meat and veggies, I gave him a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream that he requested. I warned him that if he took too big of a bite, his head would hurt. He's done this before, and usually cries when it happens. So I warned him, and literally 20 seconds later, he starts to get a pained look in his face, and says "My brain's getting freeze!!!"



Packing time

At the airport, enjoying a Dos Equis & some Blue Mesa...you know...get in the Mexico mood!

First night there, before dinner. The lighting at night was pretty terrible, and my camera didn't know what to do with it....or the operator...either one. :) I assure you that my husband looked super handsome.

A view of the lobby

I can't get this picture to turn the right way...but they brought in spider monkeys, so you could get your picture taken with them. On your shoulder, on your head, however you wanted. I chose to take a picture of them on someone else's shoulder. :)

Overlooking the grounds at the resort

These little (or big) guys were hanging out all over the resort.

Beach huts = fabulous! We were under one pretty much everyday.

Scott, looking for fish in the ocean. They were everywhere.

The view I had while resting, and reading a book. Currently reading Hunger Games series, and can't finish it fast enough. So intrigued!

Scott almost stepped on this little guy one night after dinner.

Watching a little TV & relaxing in the room.

They had these leather couch cabanas down by the beach that were super comfortable, and perfect to lounge around on. We spent some time there. :)

We thought it was kinda funny that there was a box of Jonas Brothers tissues in our room.

Cute little animal...but what is it?!

We Recycle a bunch of stuff, and last on the list is PET?!?! I'm sure it stands for something, but we had a good laugh about this one.

Love this man!

This fire dancing show was pretty incredible!

A view from the top

A few weeks ago, we decided to cash in on a Ranger ticket special, and get the $10 seats. Why not?! Ranger baseball for $20...what a deal! Well, we've been a little spoiled with our tickets in the past, and were not use to sitting way up top. It's quite a different experience. It was still a great time, but we sure did miss being closer to the action.

It was HOT! So please excuse our melty faces.

Date night w/ my man to see some Rangers Baseball!
At least you have a nice view of the entire ballpark from way up top. :)

A child of God

Scott and I were asked by our childhood friends, Travis & Jacqueline, to be Landon's godparents. Without question, we agreed, and are so happy to take on this role in Landon's life! Here are a few pictures from sweet boy's baptism.

Looking mighty handsome in his baptism outfit

He wasn't a huge fan of the baptismal font...but his mommy & daddy quickly calmed him down.

As we were sitting, waiting for our turn to go, Scott leaned over to me and said "Apparently Hurley got off the island!" I cracked up! If you are a LOST fan, doesn't this guy look a lot like Hurley?! Too funny, I had to snap a picture!

Picture time w/ Deacon Pete

At this point, Landon was D.O.N.E. If he could talk, I imagine he'd have said "stop with the paparazzi!!!"

It was such a wonderful day, and we felt so honored to be a part of it, and a witness to Landon's first sacrament in the church.

Momma loves her boy!

Jackson and I often take shots with my iPhone while we are out and about. I love capturing our special time together, even if the pictures don't turn out great. I have so much fun with this little boy, and have more love in my heart for him than I can describe.
What a blessing he is to me!


We've been working on potty training w/ Jackson. Since neither of us stay home from work, it's a bit difficult to be vigilant with it. During the week, we have to rely on the sitter (who has a house full of 6 children all day) to keep reminding Jackson of his need to go potty. I think it is going to be a longer process for us, but that's okay. He'll get it eventually.

I think there is just something absolutely adorable about a little boy in underwear. :) And they are Cars underwear, of course. Whatever motivation works!


WL Status - Week 11 & 12

Week 11 Gain - 1.5 lbs
Week 12 Loss - .9 lbs

Total Loss to Date - 7.3 lbs

I apparently got too busy before we left on our trip to post week 11's gain. Here's what I don't understand. Week 11: I was working out, eating healthy, and doing what I've been doing...and I gained. Week 12: I go on vacation, eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, only workout 2 of the 5 days, and I lose weight. Confusing! All I know is that it is time to get back on track with working out and eating healthy. I went for a run yesterday evening, and I could tell that I'd taken a week off, with the exception of 2 days of running in between. I was definitely more winded than usual, and it took all I had to keep going.

On a different note, how about this awesome weather?! I'll take it, even if it's suppose to turn around next week and be in the 100's again. We are going to spend every single afternoon and evening outdoors, because we CAN now! Jackson is so happy that we can go to the park again, and play outside longer than 5 minutes. :) And so am I!