Our godson is the CUTEST!

A few nights ago, I got to babysit Landon while his mommy & daddy went to dinner for their anniversary. I am telling you, he is the BEST baby. He never cries unless it's time to eat, you're burping him mid-bottle feeding, or it's time for bed. And even then, it's not like a big cry, it's just fussiness. Well, except for when burping him. He is just like Jackson was when he was a baby - does NOT like it when the food is taken away. Too cute! I had such a great time playing with him. Here are a few pics I snapped, and a video I took while I was there.

Cutest face EVER!!!

He is only 4 months old, and is HOLDING HIS BOTTLE! Pretty strong little dude. Cutie patootie!!!

I loved listening to his precious coos the whole night!

West Side Story

For my birthday (back in June), I asked for tickets to see West Side Story. Scott got me some tickets, and October finally arrived. We went to see the show last weekend, and it was fabulous. We both agreed that our favorite character was Anita, but the whole cast did an excellent job. Such a fun night out!

Precious moments

Scott was putting Jackson to bed a few nights ago, and he fell asleep right there in the bed with him. Usually, one of us will stay in the room with Jackson for a little while, and when we come out - it is time for the Jenny/Scott nightly routine of watching one of our DVR'd shows. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Scott, until I realized that he probably fell asleep. When I checked the monitor, this is what I found. Too precious!

My little artist

The other morning we were playing in the playroom, and Jackson was drawing on the chalkboard. He said "look mommy, I drew an apple!" I turned around, not expecting to see anything much but a circle-ish looking drawing, but you guys - he DREW AN APPLE! This is one of those moments, that completely took me back, and made me realize that my baby is in fact growing up at light speed. He drew an apple. What a big boy. I never thought that I would feel so much pride over his first real drawing, but I am oozing with pride. Parenthood is AWESOME in more ways that I can describe.

Happy Birthday to my love!

Scott's birthday was a few weeks ago, and we spent the whole weekend celebrating. I just love birthdays! I love to plan surprises, purchase gifts, bake cakes, and try my best to make the birthday as special as it can be. The night before his actual birthday, we celebrated with a few gifts from Jackson. I snapped this picture right before Scott opened his presents. I am pretty sure this is the first time I asked Jackson to smile, and he actually responded and smiled!
I love love love these boys!

Cooking Class

For my sister's birthday present, we took a cooking class together at Central Market. The class was called 7 wonders of a Rotisserie Chicken, and we made some pretty yummy recipes. Angie and I had a great time volunteering to make Chicken Tettrazini, drinking our samples of wine, and laughing the night away. I just love my sister! We weren't very close growing up, since we are 4 1/2 years apart...but we sure are close now. There aren't many days that go by, that we don't call or text each other. And usually she is saying something that is making me laugh so hard. She is a funny one. I sure do love her, and am so thankful that we have each other! Her birthday isn't for a few more weeks, but Happy Early Birthday to my seester!! I love you more than you know!

Let me be the warning to you...

Be careful around the stove! I mean, I know you already know it, but just let me be your reminder. I have been cooking up a storm, trying out new Pinterest recipes. Well, one morning I decided to make us a little monkey bread. I melted the sauce on the front left burner of the stove. When it was finished, I pushed it to the back burner to sit while I finished doing another step in the recipe. Note to self - don't assemble the rest of the dish around the stove top. Do it on a different counter.

Anywho, while I was working on a different step of the recipe, I completely forgot the front burner was still hot, and set my hand down on it. It took about 10 or 15 seconds for me to register the fact that: OUCH!, my finger was burning. And this is the end result:

This baby took a good couple of weeks to go through the stages of healing, and was easily one of the worse injuries I have dealt with. I hope you all are more careful than I am. Let me be your warning. :)

Outside fun

With the weather cooling off, we have been soaking up the afternoons in the sun. Jackson loves to be outdoors, and it's so great to be able to let him run off some energy again.

Gotta have a popsicle every now and then.
Jackson still loves to play with these stacker circles from when he was a baby. He takes them outside and throws them across the yard to see how far they can go. Cheap entertainment. :)

The circle version of hopscotch...I guess? Not really sure why I drew circles. Haha.


A little over a month ago, Scott and I kept Preston & Parker while Angie & Rodney got away to Napa Valley, California. They had a great time, and we had a great time with the boys. It is so fun to get Jackson together with his cousins.

Jackson was rocking out on the guitar.

Preston is going to town with the weed eater.

Playing trains & doctor.

That chainsaw really makes a loud noise, and Bella was so scared...I had to take a picture. Poor Bella! (But it was pretty funny!)

Yogurt time!

What a cutie worker!

We went for a walk...

we searched for bunnies in the bushes...

and we dipped our toes in the water. What a fantastic time!