A whole lot of love

I was sick on Valentine's Day this year...but it didn't matter.  My sweet boys brought me chocolate AND flowers!  I don't care if it's cliche, I loved every second of it!  Jackson has this Curious George book that is about a Chocolate Factory.  We've been reading it for well over a year now.  Ever since we started reading it, I've been wanting a box of assorted chocolates.  My wish came true!  :)

My favorite flower is a tulip.  My boys came home with the most beautiful red ones!  I love love love them!

Mimi brought Jackson over a valentine gift, and he loved it: Lightning McQueen jammies & some suckers.  Thank you so much mimi & grand-dad!

Jackson is looking more and more grown up to me these days.  Be still, my heart.


Through the eyes of a child

You can learn a lot from a child.  Mundane tasks, such as laundry, can even be fun.  You just have to be a kid about it, and get creative!

 You can start by putting the clothes hamper over your body, and pretending you are a monster trapped in a cage.

When you've tired from that game, you can hop from color to color of the various sorted loads of laundry.  But be careful, those clothes on the wood floor make for slippery terrain.  :)


I've wanted to run a race with my sister again, ever since our 1/2 marathon last year.  It seems like our schedules get too busy, or we forget to plan ahead and schedule it in.  We decided to run the Too Cold to Hold race in January.  It was a fun little 5k race.  I think we're going to find a 10k next time.  It will be good for me to start training for something with a longer distance.  I (sort of) miss the long training runs.

I love my sister to death.


Symmetry Art

Jackson and I had some fun creating symmetry art.  I remember doing this back in school at some point, and I really had fun.  I think we made butterflies. 
I just gave Jackson some paint, showed him how to fold the paper, and he went to town.

After Jackson opened this one, I immediately saw an abstract version of Jesus on the cross.


Malt Face

Awhile back, Grand-dad made Jackson his first malt.  I'm pretty sure he loved every last drop.  I had to capture a picture of his malt mustache.  :)


The sweetest sound

I absolutely adore these two, and the relationship they have.