St. Patrick's Day

This year, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with friends at Jacqueline & Travis' house.  We met some new friends, and got to see some old friends we hadn't seen in awhile.  We had such a great time!  Jackson was in HEAVEN with so many people to play with him, and cute babies to look after.  I didn't get as many awesome pictures as Jacqueline did.  But here are some shots of the day:

Gotta celebrate with green beverages!

Yummy pretzels the Breaux's made.

White Wine Sangria

My handsome husband w/ his green beer.

DELICIOUS cake pops, made by the most talented Jacqueline.

The boys.  :)

Jackson, loving every second of it all.

God brothers?!  Is that such a thing?  I just love me some Landon!

Pinterest Pantry Project

Oh, how I love Pinterest.  I saw an idea on there that I fell in love with, and it just so happened that my sister loved the idea as well.  She was in the middle of reorganizing her pantry also...so she ordered us some fun canister labels from etsy.  We both bought glass canisters from Container Store & IKEA, and then put the cutesy labels on the canisters.  I love how clean looking (for the most part) our pantry looks, now.  There is still some work to be done, but this has helped!

I have a few more than shown here: coffee, treats, cookies, and powdered sugar.  I did some baking tonight for a bridal shower I'm helping to host tomorrow, and it was so handy to just scoop what I needed right out of the jar into the measuring cup.  Pretty AND functional.  Win-Win!

Dallas World Aquarium

We decided to take Jackson to the Dallas World Aquarium a couple weeks ago.  This was his first time there, and he was a little under the weather.  I think he would have enjoyed it even more, had he been feeling 100%.

I thought this alligator/crocodile (whichever it is) was fake, because it literally kept its mouth open like this the whole time, and did not move an inch.  Creepy!

I kept trying to get a picture with a shark in it AND the two of them smiling.  Fail and fail.  :)

Getting so big!

Our precious godson, Landon, is growing up SO FAST!  We had the opportunity to babysit him a few weeks ago, and he was such an angel!  We love you, sweet boy!  

On beautiful days...

...we have picnics at the park! 

 tons of turtles sunbathe on the banks of the pond


My New (Old) Job

This week is my first week back in the office at my old job.  I left in September of 2010.  A year and a half later, I'm back!  I wouldn't have imagined the events as they unfolded, but God has always proven to have bigger and better plans than I could ever create or dream up myself.  So I am trusting in His plan, and I will be thankful and enjoy this wild ride of life!

To celebrate this new adventure, and congratulate me on accepting this new (old) job...Scott took me and Jackson out to lunch.  He also took me to buy a new handbag!  He's so thoughtful and generous!

Enjoying the weather, and the beautiful fountain in Southlake.

 All done, and ready to head home. 

Thank you, Scott, for always remembering to celebrate me.  Thank you for making me feel special always...in big ways, but even in the littlest of ways.  I already miss working with you, more than words can describe.  You are, and always will be, the greatest boss I could ever have.  I love you so very much, and am so blessed to call you my husband and partner in life!  Get ready for me to call and text you way too often for the next few weeks, as I adjust to not seeing you across the hall!


A moment in time

Last night you asked me to cuddle you in bed before you went to sleep.  You laid your head on my chest, and draped your sweet body over mine.  Our stomachs were touching.  Your arms were falling to the sides of my body, and your legs as well.  It seems as though just months ago you were tiny enough to fit your entire body on my chest.  In reality it has been years since you've been that small.  Big or small, I will always cherish that time with you...the times you want to snuggle and be close to me.  I could feel your breathing in and out, and your heartbeat on top of mine.  This moment, Jackson, was the best time spent with you yesterday.  Just being together, holding onto each other.  Singing songs to each other.  I cherish every second we spend together that way.  I know these times will become less frequent, so I am holding onto each one of them as if they could be the last.

I love you, sweet boy.  Thank you for loving me the way you do, and for allowing me to love you with all I have.  You are such a blessing to me.


Fredericksburg Trip w/ The Tapellas

What an incredibly relaxing and wonderful time we had in Fredericksburg w/ The Tapellas.  We spent 2 nights in the most adorable little bed and breakfast, that was decorated with so many cute ideas that looked like they came straight out of Pinterest.  :)  We enjoyed several wine tastings, good meals, and great conversations.  What a fun trip!  We will definitely have to do this again sometime!

On the road!

First stop: Torre Di Pietra Vineyard & Winery:

There was a jazz trio playing while we were there, and it was the perfect ambiance!

Next up: Becker Vineyards

After Becker vineyards, it was time for some Mexican food & Margaritas!

Day 2 of wine tastings, started off at Grape Creek Vineyards:

After Grape Creek, we went to another vineyard.  I can't remember the name of this one, but it was our favorite relaxation spot.  The wine wasn't overly awesome, but we sat out here in the sun and chatted while we leisurely drank our wine and ate some cheese, crackers, and salami.  It was awesome! 

If anybody can tell me the name of that cheese that is the white cheese with the very light brown tint on the edge, I would LOVE to know.  It was SOOO good!

A silly mamacitas picture from the night before.  :)

Jacqueline and I kicked the boys tails in Spades.

And then we wrapped up the last night's events with part of the Partini game: a little humming game of guess the tune.  It was pretty hysterical at times.