To Infinity And Beyond!

One of Jackson's favorite birthday gifts is his "Big Buzz".  He is too precious playing with this toy.  Scott has a video on his phone that I'll have to upload soon...it's adorable!

Giant Bubbles

Jackson got a giant bubble kit for his birthday.  We had a lot of fun playing with it. :)

3 Years Old

Our sweet Jackson turned 3 this month.  We had a fun time celebrating the Sunday before his birthday with our family and a few of our closest friends.  Although Jackson just turned 3, we are still experiencing some firsts.  For example, he got his first case of strep throat on the night of his birthday.  Poor little guy went to bed crying that his throat hurt.  :(  But with the help of some good solid rest, and some antibiotics, he was back to himself in no time at all.

Birthday waffle for breakfast!

Tearing into those presents

We've played these games approximately 324 times since his birthday party.  :)

Aunt G, Uncle Rodney, Preston & Parker  :)

Mary & Todd came to celebrate with us!

Aunt Kari with a red-mouthed Jackson...red icing is no joke!

Jackson with his Mimi

Jackson - you are so much fun!  
You say the funniest things, are a ball of energy, and have such a precious heart.  
You tell me I'm pretty, or that you really like my shirt.  You tell me "I love you, mommy!"  You help me unload the groceries when I get home from the store, and you LOVE to help me cook in the kitchen.
You wrestle with daddy, and have such a great time being tough with him.  You guys play catch, baseball, football, and basketball.  You tickle and tackle and laugh like hyenas!  I love to hear the sounds coming from your room when you & daddy are playing around.    
You love to play games...any game!  And you absolutely love to ride your bike, or do anything outdoors.  And you LOVE to have races.  Inside, outside, doesn't really matter where you are...you want to race!  Race from the shower to your room.  Race from the kitchen to the living room.  Race back and forth in the front hallway & dining room.  RACE!  :)
You still LOVE to eat, and still throw fits when we say that you're finished and you don't want to be.  I have a feeling this is going to be a life-long battle, but we're thankful that you like to eat so you can grow big and strong!
We love you, sweet boy!  You are such a blessing to us, and we can't wait to see all of the awesome things you learn this year!


Favorite Things at Age 3

Our sweet Jackson turns 3 years old today (more on that in another post).  I've asked him a few questions about his favorite things at this age.  Some of the answers are spot on, and some of them are just plain funny.

1.  How old are you? I'm three
2.  What makes you happy? Hmm...giraffes
3.  What is your favorite animal?  Puppy
4.  What is your favorite thing to eat? Chicken nuggets
5.  What is your least favorite thing to eat? I don't like any carrots
6.  What is your favorite thing to do? Play cars
7.  What is your favorite TV show? Mike the Knight
8.  What are you really good at? I'm really good at balancing
9.  What is your favorite movie? Cars 2
10. What is your favorite color? Umm, Red
11. What is your favorite song? Twinkle little star
12. Who is your best friend? Daddy and Mommy
13. What do you and your mom do together? Go to the restaurant
14. What do you and your dad do together? Play games
15. What is your favorite sport? Baseball
16. Where is your favorite place to go? To the gas station
17. What is your favorite book? Cars book
18. What do you want to be when you grow up? A football player


Savor God's Goodness

My Living Faith daily devotional was too good today not to share.

"Taste and see how good the Lord is." Psalm 34:9

In another translation, the psalmist encourages us to savor the goodness of God. The word "savor" comes from the Latin word sapere, meaning "to taste" or "to be wise." Ordinarily when we hear the word savor, we think of enjoying food...but we can savor non-food items, too: a favorite song, the companionship of a good friend. In order to savor anything, we must do three things: slow down, notice and take time to just be with whatever we are savoring. Savoring demands our full attention. It can't be rushed. The psalmist encourages us to savor the goodness of God.

Maybe we do this most through our daily conversations with God and by reflecting on all the good things in our particular life. Surely such savoring will lead us to wisdom.

Sr. Melannie Svoboda, S.N.D.


Easter 2012

 I wasn't very good at picture-taking this Easter (shocker!), but here are a few sweet moments I did capture:

We colored Easter eggs & Jackson made sure to cover them in stickers.

 Our family picture before church.

After church, we went to Mimi & Grand-dad's house for lunch.

Mimi took Jackson for a walk in the rain.  He loved it!

Jackson climbed up in Grand-dad's lap to play some angry birds & later showed him how to play the car game on daddy's iPhone.  Moments after these pictures were taken, Jackson hugged Grand-dad's neck for a long minute...and said "You're my best friend!"  It was pretty precious.

We had Easter dinner @ Nanna & PawPaw's house.  All 3 boys got huge Easter baskets with lots of toys, candy, and a movie.  One of the items they got was an awesome water gun that was loaded with jelly beans.  They ran around the house chasing Nanna & pinned her down on the couch, shouting "Pew! Pew! Pew!"  Nanna was a good sport, and played along.  :)


Such a joy

Jackson was under the weather with his first real tummy bug for most of last week.  Those 5 days were some of the least fun days we've had in his 3 years of life.  But thanks to God, he is feeling better now, and back to his happy (most of the time) and goofy self.  The things he says these days just really crack me up.  I've been writing them down so that one day when he is older, he can hear all the awesome things he said as a kid.  :)

On Saturday, once he had perked up, we decided to head out to dinner in Grapevine for some Bartley's BBQ.  I highly suggest eating there sometime, if you haven't already tried it.  Super good food...sort of a hole-in-the-wall.  But who cares what the place looks like...it is soooo yum-o!

That smile just melts my heart!

"Jackson...make a silly face."

Those vocal chords are exercised often.


Future sports star?!

I am not sure what Jackson is going to do when he grows up.  Whether he'll be in the band, in the chess club, or on the football team is yet to be determined.  I really hope that Scott and I can just take a step back and allow him to choose what he wishes, without trying to influence one way or the other.

But I do know one thing...this kid has some athletic bones in his body!!  

A gorgeous gift

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us during my job transition.  The first week back was a little rough, and took some adjusting...but I am right back in the middle of things now.  I am enjoying my job, my projects, my team members, and my boss.  I couldn't really ask for anything better right now.  I know there will be stressful moments, and things are definitely busy, but they are good.

I was a little apprehensive as I was on my way into the office the first day.   While I was driving into work, I was taken by this BEAUTIFUL gift God provided that morning.  I really felt like He was sending me a gorgeous reminder of His presence and His peace.  I love that He cares for us SO much that He gives us beautiful pictures to look at in the sky.


Jesus Calling

The devotional book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is absolutely incredible.  I was reading a blog awhile back, and the girl happened to reference a specific devotional from Jesus Calling.  I immediately wrote down the name of the book, and continued going about life, forgetting to check it out.

I recently joined a girl's bible study group.  We are reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan, which is also an incredible book that I highly recommend - not a daily devotional though.  Anywho, Courtney from our bible study group and a friend from middle & high school would often share a daily devotional with us, if it happened to pertain to our study for the week.  I asked her which devotional it was, and sure enough - Jesus Calling!  Not only can you buy the book in paperbook or kindle version, but there is also an app for the iPhone/iPad.  I got the kindle version so I can read it first thing in the morning, or re-read it throughout the day on my phone.  It is soo great!

If you are looking for a devotional, I highly recommend Jesus Calling!