Recent projects

We've been doing a few projects around the house lately, which has been fun!

First up: new living room fan
The best feature of this bad boy is a remote control for our laziness, and not needing to pull a chain to get the lights on and off, or change the fan speed.  Faaaan-tastic! (see what I did just then?)

Jackson couldn't be left out of the projects that were going on, so he made a bird feeder for those birdies we have in our backyard.

And we've added a couple of shelves in the office for half of our books that have been sitting in boxes since we moved over TWO years ago.  The books look pretty awful and unorganized right now.  When I get the time and energy, I will organize them and get some fun bookends and decor...maybe take some of the books down and put them in our bedroom bookcase.  We shall see.

And the last photo I have here is what happens while mommy and daddy are getting ready & Jackson is left to play in my closet.  




We've been having a wonderful summer!

Sno cones with Nanna, PaPa, and Aunt Margie

4th of July fireworks & Jackson enjoying his first ring pop with his cousins :)

Nanna made this adorable caterpillar cupcake display for the boys to have on the 4th of July

And Scott and I spoiled ourselves with a few presents.  Nothing says God Bless America like a new Stand Mixer and an iPad....amiright?!

We were going to buy a portable DVD player for a road trip, but decided to just put that money toward an iPad, and use iTunes to rent movies for the car ride.  Genius idea on my husband's part!

And I made $20 on this deal!  I've been wanting a stand mixer for years!  My sister (who also has genius ideas) suggested that I take back my 11 cup food processor that we received as a wedding gift 4 years ago, and still hadn't opened.  It was just sitting in my pantry, in the unopened box, collecting dust.  So I returned it (since I doubt I'd use it anytime soon), used a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond, used 2 gift cards, and got a $30 rebate!  I came out $20 ahead after all was said and done.  WAHOO for awesome deals and a stand mixer!  I've already used it twice.  :)