phone calls.
personal cell.
work cell.
work laptop.

i'm sure i've left out some device.  how many different apps, methods, electronic devices does it take?  i am extremely convicted lately of how "connected" i am, yet how disconnected i am.  i spend wayyyy more time staying connected to people i don't even talk to or know, than working on my connection and relationship with my lord & savior.  this must change.  over the past few days, as i've been on vacation with plenty of time on my hands, i have realized just how backwards this has become.  i am constantly on one of the above devices/apps connecting to others, but how much time do i spend connecting to my god, my jesus, my lord, the man who died for me and for my sins?!  i am ashamed.  this is going to change.  this has to change.  don't get me wrong...all of the above items are great and wonderful, and i will continue to enjoy them.  but i must change the priority, the amount of time spent "connected".  so that right there, that is my one and only "resolution" for 2013.  less electronic connecting, and more personal connecting with my lord, my family, and my friends.


2012 Highlights

Not unlike any other, 2012 has been filled with blessings, joy, new adventures, and lots of fun.  Last year I did a look back to 2011 to help me remember all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) events of the year.  I thought I would keep with the tradition, as the year is coming to an end, and look back at how the Lord guided us through 2012.

Much of the first half of 2012 was spent surrendering my overwhelming struggle with anxiety over to the Lord.  I definitely went through a period somewhere toward the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 that was filled with horrible, awful, unnecessary worrying and fear.  Thankfully, with the help of medicine and a lot of answered prayer, I was able to overcome that difficult time.  I am no longer taking medicine, and with few exceptions, no longer feel anxious.  Praise God!  I am sure this is going to be an ongoing battle throughout my lifetime, but I am thankful for the relief and knowledge that God does answer prayers, and is MUCH bigger than my fears.

Nothing big happened in February, but I could watch this video over on repeat....love those giggles.

In March, our family got the chance to go watch my cousin play in Frisco with the US Women's Olympic Soccer team.  They were having a match called a "Friendly", and were right up the road from us - we couldn't miss it!  My aunt flew in from Indiana, and we headed out to watch her play.  It was freeeezing, but so much fun.

We also went on a long weekend road trip with The Tapellas to Fredericksburg.  Wine, wine, more wine, and a lot of fun.  We definitely have to do one of these trips again soon!

And speaking of the Tapellas - we celebrated St. Patrick's Day at their house with plenty of friends, food, and fun.  It was a great time!

One of the "bigger decisions" we made in 2012 was for me to go back to work at TI.  I've been back since March, and it has been quite a whirlwind since...started in March, was asked to become the team lead in June, and have been super busy every day since.  I really enjoy our team, and I love my boss...so all in all I am happy.  There are several things that come with the job that I could leave at the door, but hey - that's why it is called WORK, right?  :)  We are very blessed, and I am trying to remind myself of this every single day (especially the more frustrating ones).

Our little J-Man turned three in April this year.  It's hard to believe that in just a few short months, we are going to have a four year old in our house.  That sounds way too big!  We celebrated with a very low-key party with close friends and family, which was just perfect.

In May, Mary Jo got married to a wonderful guy, Todd.  They had such a fun wedding weekend, and a beautiful wedding at the Arboretum.  Loved being a part of such a wonderful time in their lives!

When Mary and Todd got back from their honeymoon, we got to spend the evening with them at the Dave Matthews concert.  It has become somewhat of a tradition for Scott, Mary and I to go to the DMB concert together.  It's even more exciting now that Todd is part of that tradition.  We had so much fun that night!

We spent Memorial Weekend on a staycation with my family at The Great Wolf Lodge.  It was such a fun place for the family, and the three boys were at the perfect age to soak up all of the fun.  We will definitely go back there again.

I was able to celebrate my birthday several times this year with family and friends, and was spoiled beyond belief.  Had so much fun with everyone!

I also got to take a road trip to Houston in June to visit one of my college roommates and sorority sisters, Jessica.  Had so much fun catching up with her over dinners/pedicures, meeting her friends and co-workers, and spending a day at the beach in Galveston!  It was so great to see her again.

We also got to attend our precious Godson Landon's first birthday party - complete with a visit from Elmo himself!  Jackson had a blast showing off and being one of the bigger kids that day.  We loved watching Landon smashing his cake, and opening all of his presents.  Such a precious boy!

July was spent soaking up time with family and fun outdoors.  Many trips to get sno cones.  Watching fireworks on 4th of July.  Hanging out with cousins.  Swimming in the pool.  A weekend trip to Lake Conroe with the Echols/Deutsch families.  A trip to Oklahoma for Rebecca's baby sprinkle.  And plenty of other fun summer things.  :)

In August, Scott and I celebrated 4 wonderful years of marriage.  Some days it feels like we have been married much longer than that (a LOT has happened in those 4 years!), and other days it feels like just yesterday we said I DO.  I love him more than words, and am SO blessed to have married my very best friend.

Jackson came down with Hand, Food, Mouth virus in August also, and we spent a few days resting and recovering.

Jackson had his first fishing experience with daddy at Bass Pro shops.  We also took him putt-putt golfing for the first time.  We went to St. Ann's Carnival with my family...rode rides, played games, and ate carnival food.  Jackson was sad to leave, and is ready for the carnival to come back again next year.  Jackson also started going to Sunday School in September.  This is still a work in progress...he has a lot of fun once he is there, but getting there is another story (lots of tears shed).  

October began with my amazing husband's 30th birthday.  We had a party at the house with family and friends, catered Anamias, and played a lot of fun games that night.  Such a wonderful way to welcome him into his third decade.  :)

Jackson had his first real fishing trip with Grand-dad and daddy, and caught his very own Jackson-sized fish.

And what's October without a visit to a pumpkin patch?!

Halloween was a blast this year with three little superheros.  Jackson was The Hulk, and Preston & Parker were Wolverine.  They LOVED going door to door to get candy.  Jackson kept saying "Are we going to another house?  Another house?  Can we go to another house?"  So much fun!  We also had fun at The Alles' annual Halloween party.  Stay Puft Marshmallow and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo made their appearances.  I was a little scared of myself!  Jacqueline and Travis won best costume, hands down.  Amazing Mad Hatter & Queen of hearts.

October is the month of many birthdays, we celebrated Grand-dad's with a tour of Cowboy's Stadium.  We celebrated Jacqueline's with cookie cake and wine at her parent's house, and then again with pedicures and dinner.  :)  And we celebrated my sister's with a family dinner & then again with wine and food with the two of us.  :)

November was spent recovering from a crazy project that had just gone live at work.  Whew...what a relief.

We spent a weekend at Parker & Preston's house while their parents celerbated 10 years of marriage in Hawaii.

I was able to make a trip up to Oklahoma to visit Rebecca, meet her sweet baby Hank, see precious Tally again, and head to Norman for the OU vs. OSU game.  We snuck out early & headed to The Mont for a swirl and some queso.  I really wish we lived closer to each other.  I have so much fun with her everytime we hang out!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving with Scott's family this year.  We had a nice little celebration at their house, complete with their traditional Thanksgiving meal.

This month has been filled with the anticipation of a week and a half off work, and plenty of time celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

We met Jacqueline and Mr. Landon at the park.  It was such a fun impromptu play date!

We spent a lot of time doing fun Christmas activities: decorating the Christmas tree & the house, going to the Coppell Christmas Parade, sitting on Santa's lap, Christmas shopping for friends and family, driving around to look at Christmas Lights - especially the ones set to music in Coppell, going to The Gaylord to see Ice & go snow tubing, making Christmas cookies (and flooding the kitchen with sprinkles galore), and decorating a gingerbread house.

Jackson also watched his first movie in the movie theater - we went to see Wreck It Ralph with cousin Luke, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Katherine (Kat-Kack).

We plan to spend the remainder of 2012 soaking up time with family and friends, squeezing in a few more fun Christmas activities, spending Christmas Eve with The Echols/Deutsch crew and Christmas Day with the Wortman/Alles crew.  And thanking God for his son, for this year, and for the new year to come.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!


Tons of Christmas fun!

we have been enjoying the christmas season so very much this year!
we have been taking advantage of christmas activities any chance we can get.

my sweet little elf, shopping at home depot w/ daddy

sisters at the christmas parade in coppell

the band was all wrapped in lights...loved it!

a sweet santa visit

our tree that jackson's little hands helped to decorate

ice! with the family

jackson & daddy snow tubing

cousins being superheros at the mall 

stinker face

fabulous job decorating, my little man

we saw the crazy lights to music at the hall's house in coppell.  we dance.  we laughed.  we had a great time!

we happened upon santa in coppell...visit #2 (is that allowed?!)

Fun with friends

A few weeks ago we got to play with Landon & Miss Jacqueline at the park while they were in town at her parents house.  We had so much fun, and secretly hope they move here one day so this can become more frequent!  We love the Tapellas soooo much!