Shut ins

The last 5 days have been a test of my patience and willingness to rest (which I don't do very well).

Started out with a lovely pink left eye on Friday night/Saturday morning.

Sunday, Jackson caught it so we headed up to Market Street's Living Well clinic to get some meds for him.  I had leftover eye drops from an eye infection last year...so Scott and I had already been putting drops in our eyes on Saturday (he had it as well).  We waited about an hour and a half outside until it was our turn...about 5 cases of the flu ahead of us, and we decided we didn't want to share germs with them.  Jackson wanted to play on my phone and take pictures...this was the lovely one of me that came out.

I managed to make some spaghetti squash for the first time - I was going crazy...had to do something productive (and this was about the most productive thing I've done in 5 days).  Told Jackson they were noodles, and victory!

Pretty sad when a trip to the mailbox is the most exciting part of the day.  :)  J-man had to get dressed up in his "outfit" to get the mail.  Robe, slippers, and hulk hands of course.

We had a lesson in chores.  "Mommy, I love to baccum!"

Aaaand then my right eye became the demon, while my left eye got better.  Beautiful.

We did A LOT of movie watching and resting in bed.  J has a nasty cough that is sometimes vomit-inducing.  SO.DONE.WITH.ALL.OF.IT.

So we made a doctor trip again today, and he prescribed him 2 allergy meds to see if that helps.  
1) He told me to give them both to him twice a day, so without reading the bottle, I pop one of these in him at noon.  "TAKE IN THE EVENING AS DIRECTED"  Yeah, I missed that.  Thankfully he didn't pass out mid-day.  The mood swing side effects scare me a bit (as I hear my child melting down in the background).

2) Scott just informed me that this bottle had a lovely price tag of $100.  What the what?!  This better be a miracle drug!  Pretty sure we won't be refilling this one.  

Scott came home from work early to pick up the meds and let me take a nap - sooo thankful for him...I needed it badly.

After my nap today, I feel better.  Jackson and I even went on a short 5 minute walk...highlight of my day!  

My right eye might be improving a little, and now I just have some congestion and a nagging cough.  I'll take it!  I'm praying I wake up ready to get dressed and go to work in the morning.  


Felt Heart Wreath

I tried my hand at craftiness, and attempted a valentine's wreath I found on Pinterest.  It took FOREVER, but turned out pretty cute.

Lots of hours spent cutting out felt circles.

Fold the circles in half twice.  Stick a pin in the bottom, and pin to wreath.

Get almost done and realize you're running out of circles.  
Start spreading them farther apart.  
End up with a wreath that is tight on bottom and loose on top.  
Wish you would have spread them all farther apart.  
Settle for being happy with a decent looking wreath, and proud of yourself for being somewhat crafty.  :)

Mary turns 30!

We had such a fun time celebrating Mary's birthday!  We started the evening out at Mary & Todd's house with a beverage and some appetizers.  We then headed over to Meddlesome Moth for dinner.  

Scott sampled the Texas flight...one of the brews had a very distinct coffee flavor at the end - yummo!

Mary & Jacqueline - sweet sweet friends

Happy Birthday, Mary Jo!

After Meddlesome Moth, we headed over to the Slip Inn for a fun night of dancing.  Lots and lots of fun and laughs.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures there....too busy dancing the night away!  :)

Mavs Game

My generous brother-in-law and sister gave us their Mavs Tickets last weekend, since they were out of town.  We had SOOOO much fun that night in their awesome seats - even if the Mavs played horribly and lost the game.  The last minute date night was SO much fun!

Dirk shooting around before the game

Hey there!

Cuban was pretty close to us too.  We had a little wink/smile exchange at one point in the night.  Ha!

This red suit character was funny.  Apparently there is a story behind him, but I didn't catch it as the people behind us were telling it.

Me and my love at Old No. 7 club after the game.  What a fun night!


Scott and I both took about 10 days off work over the holidays.  It was sooo nice, and has been a little bit of an adjustment getting back into work the past week.  I miss those extended days of family time, and fun.  We took advantage of our break, and enjoyed every minute.

Scott and I snuck away for a date night to Texas de Brazil, where we ended the night in a meat coma. 

We enjoyed a few days/nights by the fire.

We spent time with cousins playing Wii...

...and dressing up as superheroes.

We enjoyed several evenings with a beverage & some Breaking Bad.

We baked and cooked, and baked and cooked.

And we played several hundred games of Candy Land.  :)  Jackson's favorite!

NYE '12

We spent New Years w/ Mary & Todd in the safety of our own home.  We ate some chili dogs, drank some yummy beverages, and played some fun games.  It was a nice low-key evening with some great friends.  Loved it!

Started off the night with a lovely martini.  :)

Played a few games of In a Pickle

The boys had fun playing with Jackson's new toys...ha!

Cheers to 2013!!

Coppell Nature Park

 I've been meaning to go exploring with Jackson at the Coppell Nature Park for some time, and we finally did it over Christmas Break.  If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend it.  Scott, Jackson, and I explored through the little paths in the nature park, keeping our eyes out for creatures along the way.  We only found a few squirrels, but it was still a lot of fun.

My parent's nextdoor neighbors are Tom & Evelyn Elwood.  They were sort of like grandparents to me growing up.  Such a sweet couple - love them!

Judy Parsons is the mother of my childhood best friend, Mary!  She and her husband Lou came up with the idea of the Nature Park, and basically built/created it!  Loved seeing all of these dedicated benches throughout our "hike".

Somebody had a lot of fun while on their nature walk.  Saw this empty bottle on our journey.  Ha!

Crossing the stream

Love this dedication...so neat!

Before our walk...

and after.  Little man was wiped out.  :)