lots of love

Scott and Jackson outdid themselves this year for Valentine's Day.  As I got out of the shower and began getting ready, I was greeted with this precious mirror message.

This is what I walked in the house to when I got home from work yesterday.  :)

Jackson hand made me a card (with daddy's help of course), and it melted me!  And he picked out those puppy chocolates, which are adorable and scream Jackson in every way.  That poor kid wants a dog sooo bad.  Maybe one day...

Those roses smell amazing - love!

I am in love with this man forever and ever.


lent begins

today is ash wednesday, which marks the beginning of another season of lent.  every year at this time, catholics, among others, celebrate the season of lent - a journey toward the celebration of joy in the risen christ on easter sunday.  each year i give something up, and also add something into my daily routine.  this year is no different...i will be giving up soda, which has proven to be hard even on the first day.  i am a diet soda addict.  i know that this is a terrible habit, and i need to just stop already.

but more than just the giving up, i am striving to draw nearer to christ.  lent is a journey from one place to another.  through scripture, psalms, prayers, fasting, and penance, i pray that this journey may transform me.

during lent, on ash wednesday, as well as every friday of lent, catholics fast from eating red meat.  this is a huge dread for scott (newly catholic) and many others who are catholic...but i am determined to make it a non-issue.  i hope to cook fun, exciting, and delicious non-red meat meals during lent.  :)  we shall see how it ends up.  

tonight's menu: salad, brussel sprouts, and crab cakes with red pepper chiptole lime sauce from skinnytaste.com.  DELICIOUS!



Saturday, I took J on a picnic lunch date to Williams Square in Las Colinas.  The weather was gorgeous, there weren't many people around, and we had so much fun exploring and crossing over the water again, and again, and again.



We are all on the road to recovery at our house - wahoo!  The last few weeks have been long...many nights of lost sleep, coughing, etc.  But we're getting there, and I'm thankful for that!

Spider-Man kept us plenty entertained

My breakfast on more than one occasion over the past week.  There is a Jamba Juice close to work, and I stopped in a few times for some extra Vitamin C for breakfast.  I had forgotten how delicious JJ is!

My wonderful sister brought over some goodies last Sunday for all of us.  Diet Cherry Limeades and flowers for the adults, and some toys and a puzzle for J-Man.  We're spoiled.

Halls cough drops and I have become best friends lately.  However, I do not appreciate their "Pep Talk in Every Drop" bit they have goin' on.  For example, the "Don't try harder.  Do harder."  What does that even mean?!  I'm coughing my brains out...leave me alone!

J-Man doing his Ninja Turtle puzzle from Aunt G.  Thank you so much, sees!  Love you!