pop goes the weasel

If I was asked to name a distinct sound that reminded me of summer, there wouldn't be too many I could think of outside of an ice cream truck!  I have vivid memories of running bare feet down my parents driveway and into the asphalt street, scalding them along the way to chase down the ice cream man.  As sketchy as these things are, and as creeped out as I may be...I was thrilled to run inside our house a few weeks ago to grab a few bucks for Jackson's first ice cream truck experience.  

They still have the characters with the gumball eyes.  They still taste the exact same.  The man is still as creepy as he always was.  And Pop Goes the Weasel lives on.  I love it.

1st Ranger Game

 j-man is 4 years old, and 'the firsts' keep coming....

on our way to J's first Texas Rangers baseball game
walking to the ballpark

what's that over there?

I think he looks so adorable sitting there in that chair!


"momma, take my picture in this glove!"

"now let me take your picture in the glove"

kept him cool and busy :)

he shared, and we got red tongues

"i wanna wear that"

choking daddy
daddy's new hat.  daddy's old hat.  jackson's hat.  jackson's new helmet. 


Jackson's 4th Birthday Weekend

We started off the weekend with a fun party for Tucker at Zone Action Park!

Jackson experienced his first go-kart ride!  He was a champ - so proud of his driving skills.  :)

Our gift to Jackson.  The Ninja Turtle Sewer (a.k.a. Barbie Dreamhouse for Ninja Turtles).

We headed to Pump it Up on Saturday morning for a fun party for Jackson!

My mom made some super cute ninja cupcakes for the kiddos.

Homemade ooze and some other treats for the kiddos.

King for the day!

Cute pic w/ Mimi & Grand-dad.

These are the "big kids" at Miss 'Nette's - Jackson has fun playing with these cuties all week while mommy and daddy work.

My handsome men!

After J's party - we had fun playing with his toys and new games.

Saturday night we headed to Babe's to celebrate Aunt Kari's birthday (who shares the same day as Jackson).  Jackson got to wear the chicken hat and flap his wings like a chicken while we sang happy birthday.  He wasn't too sure what to think.

Sunday we headed to Jackson's first Ranger's Game to close out a weekend o' fun celebrating!  Ranger pics to come...


Girl's Day / Guy's Day

A few weekends ago, my sister and I took my mom out for a girl's day as a belated birthday present.  We had a blast!  While we were away having a fun girl day, all of our boys went on a fishing trip and had their own fun guy's day.

We started out with some pampering at drybar.  Loved this place!


Went in with straight and plain hair, and came out with a fun style.  Loved it!

Love my momma!

My sister's hair was styled horribly - not at all how she asked for it.  It was soooo poofed out, that she was trying to tame it with her scarf.  Hilarious.  We enjoyed lots of laughs for sure!

A little less poofy, but still a little crazy.  :)

After drybar, we headed to lunch at Rise.

Flights of white wine & champagne.

After lunch we headed to LOFT to go clothes shopping with my mom.  She has lost quite a bit of weight recently, and didn't have enough clothes that fit her properly.  We had fun acting as her personal shopping assistants.  :)  I think we spent 2 1/2 hours in that store!  No lies!

We got text messages with pics of the boys catches while we were away!

Parker caught a huge fish!