the anchor of your soul

"Come to me continually.  I am meant to be the Center of your consciousness, the Anchor of your soul.  Your mind will wander from Me, but the question is how far you allow it to wander.  An anchor on a short rope lets a boat drift only slightly before the taut line tugs the boat back toward the center.  Similarly, as you drift away from Me, My Spirit within you gives a tug, prompting you to return to Me. As you become increasingly attuned to My Presence, the length of the rope on your soul's Anchor is shortened.  You wander only a short distance before feeling that inner tug - telling you to return to your true Center in Me."

Jesus Calling, Sara Young

Oh goodness, I loved today's devotional!  The imagery of the anchor and the short rope was a very vivid visual for me.  I have a ways to go.  Thank God for His mercy and His grace!  
And thank God for the anchor that pulls us back to center, no matter the length of our rope.


New York City

Our hotel - cute and quaint boutique hotel.  I loved it.

Lunch at Eataly - prime rib sandwiches (YUM!) with roasted potatoes (YUM!)

LOVE this place!  Great market with amazing food, and lots of fun people watching!

random shirtless chess players - people were sunbathing all over the city, and playing chess in all of the parks, too
and it was HOT!

Shake Shack - DELICIOUS!
Max Brenner - yummmmm-o! 

I wouldn't go back here again...my least favorite place we ate at.
The Waldorf Astoria

Rockefeller Center on 4th of July - very patriotic!

Pardon the 1,000 pictures of the Empire State Building...
but it was so neat to see the way it looked as it got darker

Watched the Empire State Bldg light show & Macy's fireworks show from our hotel's rooftop bar

Chrysler Building

A little entertainment in Central Park

We frequented this Subway station...
also, miracles happen here.

GO HERE.  And order Chicken Scarapiello (or however you spell it).
Best chicken ever.  Delicious food and great atmosphere.

The Theater District.

and tears...it also brings tears.

ferris wheel ride inside Toys R Us


just beautiful

we found the Rangers apple...
NYC is hosting the allstar game, so there are teams all over the city

Scott's company is working on this building

awesome bar.  go here.  you won't be disappointed.

anybody recognize the building?  Friends!

We had dinner @ The Little Owl our last night.
Great location (bottom of the Friends bldg).
Great service.  Great food.  Loved it.

Really wanted to try Waffles & Dinges food truck!
I read about it on one of the food blogs I follow, but wasn't hungry when we passed.
:(  Guess we need to go back!
Ate lunch at Shake Shack our last day there.  YUUUUM!

Tried one of the mini macarons.  DELICIOUS!