Recent photos

Tball season has come to an end.  Jackson played his last game on Saturday morning.  We SO enjoyed this season.  The weather was awesome most games, the kiddos were precious and sooo super sweet, and Coach Rodney did a great job of leading the team.  The kids were batting SO well toward the second half of the season.  It was so fun to watch!

Jackson had quite a fan club throughout the season.  Mimi and Grand-dad (not pictured - bummer!) came several times...

Nanna and PaPa came to most of the games...

and of course Jackson got to play with his 2 cousins all season long!  My sister got the team shirts, and assigned the 3 boys #1 (Preston), #2 (Parker), and #3 (Jackson) in birth order.  Too cute.

Mary & Todd got a new puppy, and brought her over to our house for movie night a few weeks ago.  She is the cutest, and Jackson keeps asking when we're going to get one.  Ha!

J-Man was sick with an ear infection a week ago, and I worked from home to be with him.  I was letting him listen to my work headset, and watch a video I had received via email.  He was amazed.  "Momma, is the sound coming through this wire?!"  Adorable.


encourage one another

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up..."  1 Thessalonians 5:11

I feel like there are a lot of moms working against other moms out there.  Whether intentional, or not, some people can say the most hurtful and downright RUDEST things.  Isn't our job in life to build one another up?  Aren't we suppose to be the voice of God's love and encouragement?  What is going on?????

I feel like the moment you become pregnant, some type of bulletin is put out that says "please say the most awful and rude comments to me that you possibly can."  Are you sure there aren't twins in there?  You're huge!...You're only halfway along?!  Are you sure you aren't going to have that baby today!?!? Or how about after the baby is already here.  You aren't breastfeeding?!?!?  You must be the most horrible mother ever!  You let your baby cry it out?!  You're baby is never ever going to trust you again.  In fact, he is going to hate you.  You are damaging his brain.  You don't love him.  You are a horrible parent.  I even read a comment on Facebook the other day where someone was congratulating another person on her second pregnancy.  The comment actually said "...Two is a real mom."  I'm sorry..what?!  Huh?!  If you only have one child, you must be a fake mom.

It may seem like I am exaggerating, but I promise that I have heard these things, and have even had some of them said to me before.  The thing is, you don't have a clue why people are doing the things they are doing, or aren't doing.  I personally tried to breastfeed with all my might.  I did it for the first month, and our pediatrician discovered that I wasn't making enough milk.  I tried all of the supplements and tricks, and Jackson was still starving and not gaining weight.  So I pumped for 6 months, just to get 2 or 3 ounces of milk after each 20 minute session, and then had to supplement the rest with formula.  I WANTED to breastfeed so badly, but I couldn't.  And nobody would know that but me.  Or what about the mother of one, who has miscarriage after miscarriage and finds out later that she cannot get pregnant again.  Is she never going to make it to real mom status?  So sad for her...she has to live the rest of her life as a pretend mother.  (nonsense!)  She also gets to live the rest of her life being judged for having an only child, and dealing with all of those hurtful and unsolicited comments.

I could go on and on with more examples, but I won't.  I'm sure that everyone in life has examples of their own, which is why it just baffles my mind.  Why are we doing this to each other?  Why are we not just encouraging each other in whatever we choose for our families.  Everyone is doing what is best for them, their babies, and their families.  I truly believe that what works for me, might not work for everyone.  And I whole-heartedly support what everyone else chooses to do for their family.  But please don't try to project that on me or anyone else, or make them feel like they are making wrong choices for their family.

I've wanted to write something like this for awhile now.  But I held off, because I just didn't feel like it was worth discussing.  People are going to be who they are.  Some of the things people say aren't intended to be hurtful, and I understand that.  I just feel like there is an unnecessary amount of tearing one another down instead of building one another up.  And I just pray that we can all think twice before something comes out of our mouth (myself included), in order to avoid hurting someone else or discouraging them in their (already difficult) journey as a parent.