I have only a few minutes to write, but wanted to capture a few of the highlights of preschool thus far.  It's September 13th, and the end of Jacksons first FULL week of school.  His first week was 3 days, and the second was 4.  So in total he will have been there 12 full days after today.

We are still having tears every morning at drop off.  The separation anxiety is still in full force.  I experienced the first morning this week of him saying "my tummy hurts, I can't go to preschool."  I knew that would start sometime in his life, but didn't expect it to be this soon.  We got through it.  :)

Despite the tears and fears, Jackson is growing and learning - and I can see it plain and clear in just 11 days of school.  He comes home and shares snippets of his day throughout the evening.  He won't tell you if you ask, but if you listen...it comes out in little moments throughout the evening.

2 nights ago, I was laying with him in bed before he went to sleep.  Here are some of the questions he was asking me:

"Mommy, is there one God or lots of Gods?"
After explaining that there is only one God..."Then how can he live in my heart AND Ms. Kirsten's heart at the same time?"
After explaining that one..."Ms. Kirsten says that we need to ask him to come into our heart.  How can I ask him, momma?  Can you help me ask him?"
Holding back a tear or two....we pray together.
"Momma, when I move my head and my arms, is that God moving them?"  More explaining...

I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!  He is really soaking up what he is learning.  He is curious about it.  He wants to know the truth.  He came home singing his memory verse of the week 2 days ago, and I melted again.  He is counting in Spanish.  He is writing his name, and getting better at it everyday.  He is doing so great, and I am so PROUD.  I know that he is still having a hard time with the anxiety, but I am so grateful that he is learning and growing.

Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers!  Thank you for all of the teachers at CCDC, especially Ms. Kirsten.  And thank you for preparing Jackson's heart to receive your truth and your love!