april 15, 2014

I woke up hungry and thirsty on Tuesday, April 15th.  My c-section was scheduled for 2 pm that day, and I couldn't have anything to eat or drink 12 hours prior to surgery.  Other than that minor inconvenience, I was feeling great and ready to have this baby girl!  I got Jackson ready for school, loaded him up in the car and dropped him off.  I gave him a big hug and a kiss, and told him that I'd see him that afternoon when he came up to the hospital to meet his baby sister!  (This was really happening!)

I went home, finished packing bags for the hospital, and waited for Scott to get home from work.  He got home around 11:30 and we headed up to Baylor Frisco to check-in at noon.  We were in the waiting area all of 5 or 10 minutes before the nurse came to get me.  We went into the labor & delivery room, and got prepped.  IV in, blood taken, monitors attached.  I was having fairly regular and strong contractions, which I wasn't even aware of.  Kate might have arrived on the 15th on her own, had we not been scheduled.

After I was all prepped and ready to go, I literally walked down the hall into the operating room.  This was a different experience from the last time!  I didn't have an epidural in yet, which was also different.  I got into the OR, and sat up on the operating table.  The anesthesiologist came in, and asked me to lean over so she could place my spinal.  I was given a spinal to get me through the c-section, and then the epidural to deal with pain for the next 12 hours.  That was also different from last time.  I remember my mom telling me her horror story of when she was in labor with me - I was a c-section baby after 23 hours of labor.  They had to do an emergency c-section, and gave her a spinal.  The spinal fluid leaked, she had a crazy headache and couldn't hold me for hours because of the complications.  I was slightly nervous about getting a spinal, knowing all of that.  But everything worked out just fine!  It didn't really hurt, just felt weird going down my spine and into my hips.  I remember thinking there was no way I was numb yet, and nervous that I would feel being cut open.  Ha!  Not a problem.

Scott was right by my side the whole time, smiling at me.  We were both pretty calm and collected, compared to the last time.  I was a little nervous, and had about a 5 minute moment where I didn't want to be there, awake on that operating table, about to be cut open.  But as soon as they started working, and I realized this wasn't going to take long, I calmed down.  I was freezing cold, and got the shakes (again - same as last time).  They put warm blankets on me, and then finally gave me Demerol for the shakes.  That helped tremendously, but also made me a little loopy.  I remember talking to Scott, and wondering if he could hear my voice because it was such an effort to get out the words.  The radio was playing in the OR, and John Legend's "All of Me" came on, which was a sweet moment for us.

Pretty soon, they lowered the curtain a tad so Scott and I could watch them pull her head out.  Within moments we heard that sweet baby cry, and saw her precious face.  She looked JUST like Jackson when he was born, except she had blonde hair!  :)  Scott kept wondering throughout the pregnancy if she would have blonde hair like he did when he was younger.  It has darkened some since birth, but I think it is still blonde-ish.  Kate was a little drama queen and kept crying off and on.  After the nurses cleaned her up and weighed her, Scott held her while they stitched me up.  Then we were off to the recovery room for a couple of hours.  I was awake the entire time throughout the delivery and recovery room, which was also different from last time.  It was so nice to have Kate in the recovery room with us, and for me to begin nursing her and having skin-to-skin time immediately.

After a few hours in recovery, they wheeled me into our room.  Soon after,  Scott went to the waiting room to get Jackson.  We wanted to have a special moment with the four of us before the rest of our family came into the room.  Jackson walked into the room with a few tears in his eyes - I think the whole thing was overwhelming for him.  He quickly warmed up, and was interested in his baby sister.  Soon after, all of our family came up to meet baby girl.  I was a little out of it - but it was so fun to see everyone snuggling her, and in love with our little miracle.

I don't think Kate's delivery and birth could have been any smoother.  I am so thankful for answered prayers, and for a healthy baby girl!  We are so in love, and couldn't imagine life without her in it!

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