Happy 5th Birthday, Jackson!

Having kiddos with birthdays 4 days apart may make for a crazy April each year, but it will be a lot of fun!!  Just one day home from the hospital, and we had to make sure we celebrated this sweet boy!

Opening his presents after he woke up

The Holmboes delivered a yummy fruit basket/chocolate covered fruit for our homecoming and Jackson's birthday - how special he felt!!
And of course he got to pick what he wanted to eat.  All. Day. Long.  :)

This birthday celebration was pretty low-key.  We made sure to have a birthday party for him early this year - before sister arrived.  I don't have any pictures from that day...so we'll just have to trust that it happened.  He went to the trampoline park with his cousins, and came home for some food and cookie cake, and PRESENTS of course!

Happy Birthday, sweet Jackson!  FIVE YEARS OLD!  I cannot believe it!  You are starting Kindergarten in the fall, and you are just so big.  When I put your sister down to sleep, and then come tuck you into bed...you feel huge.  You are big and strong, and growing into such a smart and handsome young boy.  You love to play tball, enjoy playing Skylanders and Ninja Turtles, and always want to be where the action is.  You love your baby sister so much, and are a huge help around the house.  I am so proud of you, and so thankful that I get to be your momma!  I love you, sweet boy!  So much!

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