kate's blood sugar

Since Kate was over a certain weight at birth, the nurses explained to us that they would need to check her blood sugar a few times the first day or so, to make sure it didn't drop too low.  This is standard procedure, so no big deal...

A couple of blood sugar checks in, the nursery nurse explained that it had dropped pretty low, and if we didn't react (supplement with formula), Kate could end up in the NICU.  She went on to explain that low blood sugar could cause brain damage, etc.  She said that if it were her baby, she would definitely give her a few MLs of formula.  So, we followed her advice, and we did!

Fast forward a few hours, and Kate decided she didn't want to nurse anymore, because the colostrum wasn't coming out nearly as fast as the formula did from the bottle.  She was getting frustrated and angry, and screaming her little head off.  The lactation consultant came in, and asked what was going on.  I explained the blood sugar issue, and apparently that set her off.  She checked the charts, and the blood sugar reading was apparently NOT dangerously low.  She would have been fine if we just would have kept nursing.  This little issue turned into a big huge ordeal, where the lactation consultant wanted to file a report on the nursery nurse for providing us mis-information.  Meanwhile my baby is screaming, and I'm freaking out that I've already failed at breastfeeding.  

Thankfully with a lot of crying and frustration from Kate, and a little from me, and a lot of persistence from everyone - we got Kate to start nursing again.  This was about a 12 hour process.  Meanwhile, everyone who came into our room asked us the blood sugar story, and EVERYONE had a different opinion about it.  I finally had reached my breaking point with all of it, and broke down into tears.  I was so tired of everyone talking about it, pointing fingers, and giving us different advice.  I was so confused!!  This went on for awhile, and the last day at the hospital - the CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) - head of all nurses - stopped by my room to talk about it.  Seriously!  This was crazy!  I was so ready to leave the hospital.  I loved all of my nurses (well most of them anyhow), but the confusion was getting to me.  I just wish they were all on the same page and gave me the same advice.  I seriously had at least 5 different people telling me 5 different things!  

By the time we were discharged from the hospital, Kate had lost an entire pound.  This was a big concern for the staff and pediatrician, so they recommended we continue supplementing after each feeding.  We had to get her weight back up.  I was scheduled to go back on Easter Sunday to get her weighed again, and to have an appt. with the lactation consultant.  Kate had gained 4 ounces in 2 days!  The lady recommended a few things, encouraged us to continue the good work we were doing to get her weight back on, and we went on our way.

I don't know if supplementing this early caused supply issues, or not.  I don't know if my hypothyroidism is truly the reason why I don't produce a lot of milk, or not (that is what the nurses and lactation consultants have told me).  Breastfeeding is going much better with Kate than it did with Jackson.  I just don't make a lot of milk, so I have to supplement an ounce after every nursing session.  I don't love it.  I was sad about it for awhile.  But it is what it is.  I'm still able to have bonding time with Kate while I nurse.  I still love that.  She loves it.  And she is growing!  So I will be thankful for what is going well, and the ability to at least nurse and provide her some benefits of breast milk.  And above all, I will be thankful for a healthy, growing, baby girl.

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Kelsey Poe said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your time nursing! Your blood sugar story makes me so sad because nurses and doctors are often so quick to suggest formula which can damage a fragile nursing relationship in it's early stages. Just know you did the best with the information you were provided and you will always do the best you can for your children. You're a great mom!