Kate Summary - Month 1

Weeks 1 and 2

  • We spent the first two weeks getting into a routine with nursing.  I am loving every minute of it, and that special time of bonding between the two of us.  We started with a 2 1/2 to 3 hour feeding schedule.
  • Kate slept a lot in the first two weeks.  We couldn't remember how much was normal, and were getting worried - she seriously slept all of the time.
  • She doesn't mind her car seat at all - and that is a blessing.  We are in the car quite a bit running errands, taking Jackson to school, etc.
  • She has a good set of lungs on her and can scream when she is not happy.
  • She was napping in her crib during the day, and sleeping in the pack & play in our bedroom at night.
  • She had newborn photos taken, and was very cooperative for us!
  • She is STRONG!  She kicks her legs in and out with force, holds her head up for a long time, and will squeeze your finger super tight!
  • Her big brother loves her, and is so very helpful.
  • She loves (insists) to have her hands near her face while eating.
  • She wanted her arms out of the swaddle, and would sleep much more soundly this way (but this changed...)
  • She has had really bad gas pains, and a horrible diaper rash that we can't get under control.
  • At her 2 week well check-up she was 21 1/4 inches long and 9 lb 1/2 oz.

Week 3

  • When Kate turned 3 weeks old, I moved her out of our room and into her nursery.  She slept better, and we slept better.  Win-win!
  • At her 2 week pediatrician appointment, she nearly rolled over when placed on her tummy.  A few days after, Scott saw her do it for the first time.  I witnessed her rolling over from tummy to back for the first time at 3 weeks.  Strong girl!
  • Halfway through this week she began getting very fussy during the day, and was inconsolable.  
  • She didn't want to nap.
  • Night time sleep was improving.  She would go back to sleep after nursing at night.
  • Still has bad gas pains and diaper rash.  Mylicon helping for gas pains.  Diaper rash - still can't get it under control.  Have tried Boudreauxs, Vaseline, Aquaphor, and Desitin.  Mild improvement, but still pretty bad.

Week 4

  • Night time sleep is better and better.  She went 6 hours between feedings at night for the first time!  That was an accident - I slept through my alarm.  Whoops!  
  • I have been letting her go 4 hours between feedings at night, which is working well.  She is on a 3 hour schedule during the day.
  • She is more alert during the day, which has been fun (and also not so fun when all she wants to do is scream).
  • Napping still isn't great - she prefers to be held, but things have to get done around here.  She naps in the swing a few times a day.  
  • Today, I started practicing more of the babywise recommendations of wake-time length, and putting her down for naps while she is still awake.  So far it is working well, but we are just starting.
  • Still has bad gas pains and diaper rash.  Introduced Gripe Water this week when she has been inconsolably screaming - and it has helped some.

One Month Old!

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